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Archive for February 12th, 2008

A Swan Dive, a Gratitude List

Tuesday, February 12th, 2008

– I continue to be grateful for those who love me and call to see if I need anything.
– I feel lucky that I can cancel appointments without big consequences this week.
– I am more than grateful for a good night’s sleep.
– I have never been more grateful for the ability to eat two meals in 1 day (after food was the enemy)
– I am delighted that I packed the freezer with soup broth and frozen veggies when I felt fine last month.

The swan dive? I do not know what happened exactly. I got up to answer the phone, or something. I sat back down on the couch, went to take a sip of tea. My Palm Pilot was taking a soaking bath in the cup of tea. Submerged fully.

The good news? I had JUST synchronized it so I did not lose a single piece of data, nothing. I dutifully put it on the heat vent but I am telling you, half an hour later it still has more water inside than can be addressed. I am absolutely sure that I just “ate” a $99 piece of equipment in one unremembered moment of bad timing.

Equipment is easy to replace, though. Data would have been an awful mess to reconstruct. I can not function without my palm device, ask Rae. For now I will have to lug my laptop with me when I go to work events so I can schedule. I’ll hope to come up with the funds for a new one this week somehow. Thank goodness people keep buying from my website and my Etsy site, while I go nowhere.

Food and sleep all in one day means I have some energy. This is new and appreciated. I am about ready to take a nap but I think today I turned a good corner. And I think Brian is feeling a little better today, too. I think we’re going to make it after all.

I even knit. Alpaca socks (well, trying to match this one having not made notes when knitting the first). Perfect, don’t you think?