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Archive for February 14th, 2008

You Guys are All My Valentines Today

Thursday, February 14th, 2008

carnations.jpgWow… I gave myself the gift of a blog one day. It has changed my life and now I have you all. I am grateful.

Valentines Day is an odd thing. I think it benefits the Hallmark people, etc., if it becomes a time of obligation. I think it is sad because just because you have somebody doesn’t mean you are happy, and just because you are partner-free doesn’t mean you don’t feel a loving life around you.

I have Brian now, and he is the best thing in my life. I was happy before he found me… I would be happy if he were not here, but I’m delighted that I need not think of that today.

However, I spent 16 years in a commitment which sometimes had only the glue of many years to hold us together. Those were very bad years for Valentine’s Day. I would go to the Hallmark store. There was not a single card saying “here is to keeping our word when we said forever as teens.” “Here’s to a lot of years, by the skin of our teeth.” “Here’s to committment even on a bad day/week/year/decade.”

It would take hours and I would end up buying a card that was dishonest, which I found upsetting. I did not intend to lie when we knew the truth.

Mind you, it was both of our faults and neither’s fault, that we were unable to make it work. We believed the songs on the radio, that feelings were an indication of forever, and then we stayed true to our promises when they had been made. We were so young. He was 15, I was 16 when we promised forever. Crazy. And it continues to happen every day. Some folks realize that they need to let go, but I was one of the stubborn ones.

I do not mean to bring unhappiness to this post, I am just reporting facts at this point. I wish my ex all happiness, I have no hard feelings and I have gone on to an amazing, love-filled, art-filled, friendship-filled, wonderful life.

valentine.gifBut I want to acknowledge those who are sitting alone, perhaps mostly happy or maybe just in one of those in-between life-learning times that happens in every adult life. Valentine’s Day can be for you as well. I, for one, deeply appreciate your presence in my life here, whether you comment or not.

I wish I could have spent a week knitting little hearts with cute eyes, and I’d carry them in my pocket and give them to everyone I encounter who is special in my life. It would be so fun to be able to be that frivolous. My friend Marie bought some kids valentines last year and gave them out and that was mighty fine. Small, inexpensive, but great fun and a sort of a thank you. I have been too ill to think that far ahead.

But today I get to go back to work for the first time in 10 days. I am SO ready for a social environment for a change. It will be such fun.

And Brian reeeeeeally wants to take me to dinner. Maybe I’ll see if we can get sushi and take it home where we can eat it with feet up. I tell you, my husband is even more married than I am… for which I am significantly grateful. And what a fine human being he is. Every day I give thanks. Every day, not just on holidays.

But I say that if we notice the relationships in our lives that work for us, even something little like a favorite cashier at Kroger… that is how to really reap the true joy of this not-quite-right-yet holiday. Yes, thank everyone in your world today if they make your life better. Even if they “should” already know. Thanking people is never out of style, appreciation is a good viewpoint on any day.

Anna Hrachovec’s Knitted Hearts

Thursday, February 14th, 2008

Some of you may remember that I had some fun making small holiday gifts by knitting and felting tiny 3-D hearts. First I made one with dreadlocks for Brian, then a more straightforward one for my Goddaughter, Sara, as a tree ornament.

I posted the projects to Ravelry and the designer, Anna Hrachovec, noticed. We have had a few very nice emails and she asked me if she could use my dreadlock heart on her blog. Of course I said yes… thank you.

Mind you, there are over 200 projects on Ravelry from this pattern alone. Anna had a good number of choices out there. She just spent a week on her blog showing all sorts of variations on the heart (which is a free pattern… I recommend it highly… have a finished heart in 45 minutes and smile for at least a week).

So Wednesday Anna finished her whirlwind tour of Ravelry hearts, with my dreadlock dude and a totally clever heart-as-potted-plant variation. I am honored by the company I get to keep on that blog entry. Woohoo!

After a week of emotional and physical blahs, illness and inertia, this is the perfect antidote. For the record, I cooked and I made myself eat more food than I thought I could eat… and I got more energy Wednesday night than I have had in a week. I should only wonder why that seems so surprising. It’s obvious, is it not?

But then I get this great note from Anna, and I go back and look at not only my hearts but a whole bunch of others’ interpretation of this very simple and fun pattern. And my week is transformed very quickly indeed.

Thanks, Anna!

If you like the heart, try it. If you like the idea of knitted toys, check out Anna’s site where she has all sorts of fun and amazing projects waiting for you… some free, some for pay, all worth time and money.