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Archive for March 2nd, 2008

Distracted, & Very. Cool. Mom.

Sunday, March 2nd, 2008

Well… SO much to do. The ZigBagZ Patterns were sent out to pre-ordering folks on Friday just before the deadline. It is very exciting after eight months of development, to send “my baby” out into the world.

I had some delays, the worst being several weeks of varying illness from “can not focus my eyes/can only sleep” to “wobblyMom and Fred knees.” The last week was not too bad, mostly wobbly knees, but then my printer gave up the ghost and we had to order another one on Monday (a small-office type, so we could not buy at the local Staples).

In the meantime, I had some issues with photographs I placed into my page layout program acting odd. I am so new to InDesign that I just could not figure out what was wrong. Brian helped me get to a place where it didn’t look wrong while printing, though I still do not know what happened.

Thank goodness that got fixed just about when we got the call on Friday that the new printer had arrived. Woohoo!

And the new printer is just spectacular so far. I printed a full ream of paper in part of a day and we had to order more toner the day after the printer got here (printers often come loaded with low-volume toner cartridges and we knew that, but it was scary how fast we used it).

This baby is fast, it’s quieter than our old one by a lot. It deals with color photographs very well. And… once I figure out how to do it, it will print on both sides of one sheet (duplexing) automatically. Without me standing by to control it. Seriously wonderful.

It’s a Ricoh, and it is HUGE (maybe 3 times our last color laser printer which seemed big at the time). However, it’s really perfect for the needs of my business and our musical act, and we gladly made room for it.

Brian did some research for this purchase, and I am thrilled with the result. Since I’ve bought a good number of consumer goods in the last year that I do not like very well. I was extremely happy for him to be the researcher for this very important purchase. I’ll have the printer longer than my laptop, no doubt.

And Now for the Coolest News

Anyway, that was the boring part of this post. I am here to brag about my mom. She and Fred entered the Polk County (Florida) Senior Games again. This is the largest Senior Games in the state of Florida (which has a lot of seniors/retirees). It is even bigger than the State games, a lot of folks participate.

So they competed in couples’ dance (ballroom, etc.) this week. And they came home with NINE MEDALS. All of them are Gold or Silver. Woohoo, Mom!!!

I am at that age where some of my friends are dealing with parents in ill health. Mom had a bit of a struggle about 11-12 years ago, but she is not wasting any time at this point. We all are lucky for this, and none of us in this family take it for granted.

Mom is clear that any day alive on this planet, is a good day. When I want to whine about what seem like big “hiccups” in my life, I try to remember that. I want to be like this woman when I grow up.

I saw my mom kick her foot up to shoulder-height two summers ago, to show off her shoes to someone behind a high counter. Mom is in her young 70’s.

Mom has the most beautiful hair of anyone I know, it’s pure white-silver and perhaps more lovely now than it ever was (and she has always worn her hair long… it’s shorter than it was but still longer than 99% of her peers).

Mom volunteers to help kids learn reading. She rides her recumbent tricycle to school, about 2 miles. Mom is involved in her churches, one in Florida and one up in Michigan. Mom socializes with friends and relatives in both states. Both places are home to her. Mom is a social butterfly of the right kind.

And she and Fred won NINE medals this week for dancing. Cool beans.

Photo added a few hours after initial post: Mom at her 70th birthday lunch. She’s wearing a ColorJoy stole… I designed the pattern, Diana knit it, Mom wears it. All good. It was August so Mom had her famous long hair tied back somehow… but there is her smiling self.