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Archive for March 4th, 2008

March is Busting out All Over!

Tuesday, March 4th, 2008

On February 29 we were still chilly here, and the piles of snow were so big sometimes they could block the view of most of a small car. Somehow we lucked out and got a serious thaw just in time for March.

It was 52F/11C when I woke up yesterday. I turned off the furnace and opened the back and front doors, and let the fresh air revive our house. I thrive during months where I can keep windows open, and I never quite feel fully alive when cooped up. It was a delight to have those doors open for about an hour. I wrapped up in a blanket, wore a hat and wristwarmers, and my heart felt toasty warm!

They had predicted a large drop in temperature yesterday and a small accumulation (1/2″, about 1cm). Neither happened. And I woke up today and the sun is shining just as much as it can. There are clouds but room between them for the sun to make its way and brighten up my house in a way that I have not seen in far too long.

Apparently we are just north of where the predicted weather actually hit. I talked to Diana yesterday and they were sitting around freezing, while we were balmy. They are only just over an hour away, southeast (near Ann Arbor, we are in Lansing, Michigan).

Today they say it will be below freezing and they are predicting 2 inches/5cm. That seems so minor, like no snow at all, after the feet and feet of snow that has come down during February. One can drive in 2 inches of snow without a plow. We are in business now!!!

I am counting down, not literally but emotionally… my violets typically bloom in March. Come on, Violets! Here is a photo of them from a previous spring:

Well, here I am late afternoon updating the post. The sky is now typical Lansing-winter white, and the National Weather Service is predicting snow both day and night for now through Saturday. At least 30% chance of snow every day/night till Friday night, where it becomes merely a “chance” of snow.

Just the same, it’s getting close to the end of this weather and I am feeling better just thinking that thought.