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Archive for March 6th, 2008

A You Make My Day Award

Thursday, March 6th, 2008

youmakemydayaward.jpgVicki of KnittingDragonflies has given me (and my mother) both a “You Make My Day” blogland happiness award. Vicki, I am absolutely honored to be on your list.

Leeann of Wool & Chocolate awarded me this same honor in late January (just as I was heading into the month-of-low-health which we just finished up. I did mention the award when she gave it to me.

I find it impossible to name 10 people. Some of those I might choose have been chosen dozens of times already. I look at my Google Reader (blog organizing system) and I have 20 blogs listed under “friends.” There is no way to do this without hurting someone who I think is fabulous.

So I will specifically decide to exclude every single blog which is knitting or wool related. And I will not choose exactly 10. But I’ll put a few here I have not seen elsewhere (I mostly see knitting blogs awarded, because I am frequently reading knitting blogs).

I am making sure to list only blogs that are updated several times a week. Right now those are criteria that bring my list down to something somewhat manageable. I think these are listed approximately in the order I discovered them.

If you write a knitting or related blog, please know that I wanted very much to choose your site for this award but it was an impossible task.

OK, here are the non-knitting blogs I read regularly, listed under my first list “Friends” in Google Reader. They all do make me happy for Blogland, so this is as reasonable a choosing system as any I can imagine:

The Iceland Weather Report – A woman born in Iceland, raised in Canada, tells of the everyday and the unusual back in Iceland where she has lived for the last 14 years of her adult life. I love her candid and observant writing style.

The Cooking Adventures of Chef Paz – This writer is also a gifted photographer. Her passion (for food, cityscapes of all sorts, cilantro, rice, and life) keeps me coming back. Photos of New York City every Monday.

Kathleen’s Vegetarian Kitchen – My Sister-in-Love Kathy (Brian’s sister) lives in Florida, cooks vegetarian, even shows how to make mozzarella cheese at home. Also traveling/restaurants, both in the USA and out.

Doug Berch – music friend who posts about his music performing and recording, his instrument building (lap/mountain dulcimers, really beautiful to the eyes as well as ears) and sometimes poetry. He’s a fine human being, too.

Ukulele & All That Jazz – Howlin’ Hobbit, a ukulele player in Seattle. I met him through this blog (a report on one of the regional ukefests brought him the first time). He talks about his city, about performing, recording, and geeky interesting things. Never a dull moment.

And here are two blogs about house renovating that I read less often, but when I do get there they can keep me up till too late reading every single word. They are not friends, I may not have even left them any comments before, but I have shared the sites with interested friends:

Stucco House – In the twin cities of Minnesota, a little 1920s bungalow. I used to own a bungalow in Lansing, and I was born in “The Cities.” I’m fascinated.

The Petch House – a Victorian in Eureka, California, which was pretty much gutted and subdivided when the current owner moved in. Reclaimed lumber from warehouses, vintage tile laid one tiny hexagon at a time. Vintage-era light fixtures, re-wired up to code. Absolutely riveting to me.

And a blog I am really new to, but which has exotic and beautiful photographs. I think I followed a food link to this but I do not see food when I look today. I’m not sure I can say that this fits the original essence of the award since I’m still figuring it out. However, what I’ve found so far (living outside the USA, fascinating architecture, embellishment, clothing, photography) sure makes my heart sing when I go there (Yarnstorm fans will enjoy this photography with certainty):

My Marrakesh – You will have to figure this one out yourself, but the photos are worth a peek if you do not read a word.