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Archive for March 8th, 2008

Car Shop Made My Day

Saturday, March 8th, 2008

Joy BugI had a sound in the back wheel of my car. It sounded like something plastic dragging, then a clunk, then a drag and another clunk. I got on the ground several times after hearing it, and looked for something but there was nothing. It seemed louder when I would brake to a full stop. I was worried.

I went to the corner Meineke Muffler shop, where they are “just folks” and talk straight talk to me. I’m pretty sure this is a franchise, but at least the folks on the corner (where I can walk from our house) have always felt right to me. It’s not fancy, but that makes me clear they aren’t marking up my repairs to pay for the decor, you know?

I’ve been going there maybe 15+ years (starting when I did not live in the neighborhood), whenever they can do the work. (I have a VW New Beetle, sometimes the dealer is the only place… sometimes another shop with the right sort of Bug Computer does my work.) For mufflers, brakes, shocks, things like that, I always go to this corner shop.

When I had my ’85 VW Golf with 250,000 miles on it, they did not act like I was wrong to love/keep that old car. A dealer doesn’t look twice at a 14-year-old vehicle, they just think you need a new one. And since it’s their business to love new cars, of course that’s what they think. But at Meineke they like old cars, they understand.

One guy who has been working there 11 years, told me he expects my car to go maybe over 300,000 miles. (I had just told him that it had 131,000 already on it.) I tell you what, that is the guy I want working on my car!

Meineke has twice in the last year sent me away with a little tweak and an explanation… but they didn’t need to bill me and they chose not to. Hey, if they did not need to order a part and have a mechanic on it more than the initial look, they can do it that way. Of course, most shops can bill a little for that and I’d pay it, it’s business. No real big deal.

Today? The coolest news. When I got 2 new tires earlier this year and the tire place moved the front ones to the back, one of the bolts did not get screwed on well. It unscrewed itself. Since I have a sort of hubcap that seals on the wheel tightly, the bolt was in there clunking around. The cap is made of plastic, so that explains the way I described it. I could hear it better when I was going slowly, which makes sense. Nothing wrong with the brakes or the shocks. Woohoo!!!

Can you feel my relief? My elation? He showed me the problem. He screwed the bolt back in securely. He sent me away without a bill. My Joy Bug and I are having a very good day.

Yup, that shop will get my business again. These folks are the real thing.