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Archive for March 13th, 2008

MagKnits Pattern!!!

Thursday, March 13th, 2008

lynnhsubmissionsipparoo.jpg(Note added much later: MagKnits has gone out of business and their website is down permanently. You can download this pattern now at Ravelry.com or Craftsy.com.)

The MagKnits.com magazine which was delayed to March is now up, with my Sipp-A-Roo pattern (like a kangaroo pouch for your water bottle). It actually has been up since February 29. I had a few reasons for delaying the announcement here… and I won’t go into all that.

I finished felting two more Sipp-A-Roos using different yarn combinations, a few days ago (OK, so I stuck with my favorite green-turquoise-blue range, after all I am trying to knit spring into existance this time of year). So without any more delay, here is the official photo, and an additional one with 2 more bags.

I actually was inspired by a few friends who have children (and thus strollers). They carry water bottles but they have so much else to carry it seemed a good idea to make a bottle carrier that would strap to the stroller. Never mind that my shoulder-strap bags work great when I walk (which is often) and not at all when I ride my bike (not often enough). Brian rides his bike to work every day the weather is warm enough, and other friends also ride bike a lot (including knitting friend Cynthia who helped me proofread the ZigBagZ pattern charts).

sipparoo2samples16.jpgSo here is a bottle bag which will work for bicycles, strollers, perhaps even backpack straps. For anyone toting some water along with them. Wool bags do a great job of insulating, too, so if your bottle sweats in the humid weather you will be glad for the fabric as well as the strap.

The pattern can be found at Magknits Pattern Page. Photos and additional information can be see on my Ravelry Sipp-A-Roo project page (if you are a member of Ravelry, which is free but requires a bit of a wait to get in).

Anybody who knits one of these (or any of my patterns, for that matter) is invited to send me a photo of their project. I would LOVE to show off your work here on my blog. Perhaps we can say that I might give you the 15 minutes of fame Andy Warhol talked about? Or not, your choice.

For the knitters interested in the yarns used, I’m including that information here. For my non-knitter readers, you can tune in again tomorrow for less techie-knitter writings!!!

The aqua/gray bag on the MagKnits site (upper left here) is Nashua Creative Focus Worsted aqua with DiVe’ Autunno (which is actually a slowly-self-striping gray to turquoise colorway but it just looks gray here).

The Greenish-Turquoise with Teal is Karaoke Solid turquoise (wool/soy silk, notice the strap did not felt as much because of the soy silk though it looks lovely), and Malabrigo Worsted Merino teal. The Malabrigo felts very quickly so I stopped when the bag was the right circumference for the bottle, leaving the strap lightly felted. This bag “lives” at Rae’s Yarn Boutique in Lansing, Michigan.

The Green/Pink bag is Nashua Creative Focus Worsted (wool/alpaca) Emerald and Paton’s Classic Wool (That’s Pink). The Nashua is a little more dense and is much fuzzier than the pink, so the green it felted very quickly and dominated the bag after felting. I think it looks like a garden.