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Archive for March 14th, 2008

Let Us Knit Spring into Existence

Friday, March 14th, 2008

partystole400.jpgEvery year in February/March I favor hot greens and light turquoises. The year I came home from 38 days in sunny Africa, to a blizzard, I realized what I was doing. I was trying to “Knit Spring into Existence.”

That year I went to Threadbear and bought some Koigu handpainted brushed mohair in an incredible spring/grassy green. I continued to scan the store until I found 4 other yarns that also spoke of warm shoots pushing up in a garden, with a clear blue sky above.

With those yarns, I started to knit a stole (which actually took me more than a year to complete). That impulse purchase in the end became my Party Stole pattern.

This is not the only time I have done something on this thought-wavelength. I have noticed for a half-dozen years, that if I dye yarn in February it comes out in the spring-green/turquoise realm, every time. Right now I am wearing spring green bulky yarn footies over my thinner wool socks. I have knit a pair of spring green alpaca/wool Aran-weight (thick) yarn socks in the last month or two. I am also test knitting a mitten, and I could have done that in any yarn from my stash but I picked a hot green Cascade merino/angora blend. I am again trying to knit spring.

SO: I propose a little project. I propose we all knit spring (or crochet, sew, embroider, dye, spin or otherwise work creatively) in concert. This can be a one-day instant project, from a favorite pattern or a new project from one of the excellent books on one-skein projects. It can be bigger, but I’m thinking instant is closer to my concept. For some reason, any project at all can make me feel like I have regained my power over this miserable weather (or even life as a whole). Hey, I’m a mortal human but I can pretend.

I invite you to send me photographs of your project, anything that feels like bringing spring to town early in your own mind. It does not have to be my pet color scheme. (I am guessing Diana/Otterwise is likely to choose yellows for sunlight… I recall her cooking an almost-entirely yellow meal to celebrate solstice.) I will post the projects I receive from you any time in March.

But please hear me… do not send me huge photos straight from your camera. I can not afford to be slammed by too many huge photos at a time. If you know you are not techie enough to edit your photo to a smaller size, consider putting it on Flickr or another website for photos and send me the web page address where it lives (this is ideal, more so than an attachment). If you do not have that option, write me first, before sending a very-large photo via email. If you send me an attachment photo, the largest measurement in either direction should be 400 pixels or less. Thanks.

That said, my email address is Lynn (AT) ColorJoy DOT com. I am eager to see what/if you care to share. Thanks!

(Photos: Me wearing my Party Stole (pattern), Gentle Joy colorway of my Tiptoe Sockyarn.)