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Archive for March 17th, 2008

I Wish I Spoke Better Spanish…

Monday, March 17th, 2008

I love the Spanish language. If I could live my college years over again, I would major in Spanish, in one way or another. That is past, but I have occasionally taken Spanish I over and over again, as an audit, at the local community college. I have sometimes taken Spanish II though for some reason it does not fit my schedule as well.

Once upon a time, in the days before Brian, I planned to move to Mexico. I know that if I lived somewhere like that, I would be up and running without too much delay. I just take to language well, if I allow myself focus.

But now I’m in Lansing for the long haul, it appears. When I find myself lucky, I get to read Spanish here and there, and I recognize maybe every 5th word. I can sort of figure out what is going on but not with any certainty.

Sometimes I go to Mexican restaurants or groceries in Lansing. I just love listening to the sound of the language flow during a conversation. There is such a happiness in me to hear people just plain chatting (or asking where they keep this or that item on the shelves). I love the sound of the language even when I can not tell at all what the subject is.

So today while surfing too much I found a website, Tejemanejes, (labores laneras para internautas hispanohablantes) which is apparently an online knitting magazine in the Spanish language. And the first pattern is wonderful, a cashmere sweater (la perla negra/black pearl) with v-neck that is modeled on a man but I can tell they believe it to be unisex. I’d agree… I would love to have that sweater in my closet (even in black). The bottom “hem” is straight, no ribbing but no hem either (must be the stitch pattern allows it to lie flat).

There are other fascinating photos of pattern (patron) projects. No doubt some of you reading this will be able to use these patterns (and articles) without a struggle. In my case, there is no way my limited Spanish will get me through the very specialized knitting instructions.

I don’t make many sweaters, but this Black Purl one is really right up my alley. I guess in this case it’s good that I have an excuse that I can’t even start to make it!

There are some other interesting designs as well. There is a cabled moebius scarf, what appears to be crocheted colorwork socks, a hair net that appears to be silk/stainless steel from Habu, and a toy; a crocheted “rock star dinosaur.” One of the dinosaurs has an eyepatch, very fun.

(Woohoo… I just looked in the archives, and a wonderful hat based on an Egyptian sock motif, includes guidelines in English for knitting it. It’s not a full pattern but it is a guide and a chart. For me, that would work great, and I bet it will be enough for a few of you out there as well.) Actually, in the archives there are a number of items with English help.

I hope I translated the tiny bit I dared, correctly enough to not embarrass or confuse anyone. Let us face it, many knitters love looking at pictures of knitted items. This will work well in the pictures arena, even if you are, like me, Spanish handicapped when it comes to knitting patterns.

Photo? I took this in 1996, in Tulum, Yucatan, Mexico. Can you see the small squarish pyramid top and left? The water at right is the Caribbean Ocean. It is an ancient and holy place, one of the few places in the world where I literally can find no words.

It is the most beautiful place I have ever seen, and I’ve had the great fortune to travel a bit. This photo was taken with film, printed on photo paper, scanned in, and manipulated for the web when many computers had the capacity to display merely 16 colors on screen. Please forgive its lack of detail and darkness, that’s the best I could do at the time.