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Archive for April 11th, 2008

It’s Working

Friday, April 11th, 2008

Spring is here, for a few hours. The temp outside is over the mark where Brian keeps the thermostat all winter. Sun is shining, flowers blooming, This ColorJoyLynn is happy and even spent a few minutes in the hammock.

However, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (Yarn Harlot) is coming to Ann Arbor tonight, speaking at 7pm. If anyone remembers, she had awful weather last time she came, her flight from Chicago got to Detroit and sent back to Chicago because of storms. (It turned out fine, knitters love to wait and knit, though of course she worried like crazy until she got there.)

So she’s bringing the weather with her again, it seems. We are expecting tornado watches between Lansing and Ann Arbor. I’m hoping she got an early flight. It was perfect here, and then at 2:26pm the wind started gusting and the clouds rolled in.

Rae and I are going straight to Ann Arbor when she closes the shop one hour early at 5pm. Rachael and Sharon (who also work for Rae) are going to be there when we get there. We’re meeting Riin and hoping to go out to dinner after the event. I hope that wherever we go, is not where the other hundreds of knitters go. This knitter wants dinner, not a line with a two-hour wait. However, waits are more pleasant with friends and a sock to knit!

Photos after Ann Arbor. Hugs!!!

Knitting Spring into Existence: Scarlet-Zebra

Friday, April 11th, 2008

Deb of Scarlet-Zebra has taken on the Knitting-spring-into-existence project, too. She is knitting some socks in a tulip colorway (zillions of colors in one skein) and she also is painting her house and painting on silk. You might want to see her photos: check out this entry on Scarlet-Zebra’s blog.

I have known Deb for several years. We met on the internet, I think the Socknitters email list, but we’ve hung out a zillion hours, had uncountable four-hour lunches (halfway between her house and mine, we both drive about an hour), and met at places like Michigan Fiber Festival in Allegan, Ann Arbor Art Fair, and Great Lakes Folk Festival in East Lansing.

We had a point where our lives changed and we did not connect enough… but now with her blog, we are reconnected once more. I am really happy about that.

Deb loves color at least as much as I do. She knit these kissing-cousin sock pairs, as a matter of fact (five years ago… amazing how time flies). The pattern is my BarberPole socks. Yarn is Cascade Fixation (DK weight cotton/lycra). But the choice, combination, and the knitting were all Scarlet-Zebra!

Um, I think maybe she was knitting spring into existence when she knit these, as well. Actually, I posted the photos originally on my blog, January 30, 2003. That is a bit early for thinking spring, but the colors surely go with the theme quite well!