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Archive for May 11th, 2008

Kathleen’s Portrait

Sunday, May 11th, 2008

We spent the day with Brian’s family on Saturday. Many photographs were taken. Brian took this one of his sister Kathy, using my camera. Yes, this is the magnificent cook behind “Kathleen’s Vegetarian Kitchen.”


She is an artist, in the painting/drawing studio as well as in the kitchen. We get along really well, and I often wish I lived next door to Kath and Pedro (in Jacksonville, Florida… that will not happen this year, anyway). However, it is always wonderful to see them and we do usually connect at least once or twice a year.

I think this photo shows the fun, beautiful person I call my friend… in a most excellent way. Maybe you would like to go and visit her cooking blog. Even if you eat meat, you will find wonderful recipes and links to recipes she found and liked on other websites.

I’m excited about a link she includes to Strawberry Ice Cream (without egg, which works for my allergies). I also just found a link to homemade ricotta cheese which would make a really wonderful lasagna, after years without cheese in lasagna. (I can not have yeast/mold foods such as cheese and yogurt, but after 5 years of not eating dairy I can have milk and non-aged dairy products, it’s a wonderful gift to have it back.)

For the record, the 50th Anniversary event was delightful. We played a lot of music both at the official luncheon and at a gathering at another sister’s home after the luncheon. This family is very big on jam sessions, and there were two jams happening at the same time at Karen’s house.

I again have over 300 photos on my camera which I have not unloaded to my laptop. And since my friend Rae is out of state visiting her Mom for Mother’s Day, I’m going to do my best to help out at her store a few hours on a few different days… we will see how much blogging I get done with this more-busy-than-usual week. I may be posting without photos if need be.