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Archive for May 14th, 2008

Over-Busy, “Over-Yessed,” Happy (& Surprise Flowers)

Wednesday, May 14th, 2008

pinktulipsurprise.jpgI am a woman with passion for many things. Because of this, I tend to say yes to things that sound like I would like to do them. Often I say yes based on my enthusiasm, and not on the amount of time available to do them.

Right now I’m in the process of crossing off as many of the items I’ve said yes to, which are starting to pile up in an embarrassing way. If you say yes, people think you mean you have time. I need to realize that many things take a LOT more time than I imagine they might.

From Friday night until Monday evening, I had a chock-full schedule. It was good stuff but I was not home much. Tuesday was wonderful but it involved seeing Sarah, Deb, Sara, Jo, Mom and Altu. Mostly one person at a time, except for Sara & Jo who I saw together.

And I did see Brian, of course. I left at 10am and got home after 9pm, did a little email and listened to Progressive Torch and Twang on WDBM and then it’s already past time to sleep. I’m nodding off as I type this, but that’s part of my life right now.

The wonderful part of all this is seeing the life I have. It is full of people I care about, people who make my life worthwhile. The hard part is trying to do things like get enough sleep and get things done that I promised. I’m working on a project for my Mom right now that I had hoped to do in December. Sigh.

I had a series of yesses to deal with, a list that got too long back in 2007. I got over-yessed back in the fall. And I’m working out of that situation slowly. After the job for Mom, I have a few knitting promises for the kids I teach at Foster Center. Then I’m working on not doing that again without really thinking about it. I do love helping where I can, especially when I truly have a skill my loved one does not have.

Also I keep losing things and that makes it hard to be efficient. I can not find the cord for my Kodak digital camera anywhere. I have not been able to download photos from my camera since the 5th of May, over a week ago. I will now need to give up and just go buy a replacement cord, but that takes time.

Meanwhile, the photo today is a tulip that showed up at our house in an odd spot. I may remember seeing tulip leaves there before but I had never seen a bloom. This one showed up a couple of weeks ago against the house. About a yard/meter and a half out from the house, was a single grape hyacinth as well. The second was surely buried there by a squirrel, as I planted those in the side yard, not the back yard, and this was just in a random place. The tulip, I’m not sure.