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Archive for May 19th, 2008

More East Lansing Art Fair Photos

Monday, May 19th, 2008

I put up a photoset on Flickr with East Lansing Art Festival photos on it. There are merely 22 photos on this one, as opposed to a few others I’ve put up recently (I am getting my money’s worth at Flickr these days, it’s something like $25 a year for all this storage, a deluxe package I upgraded to from the small free package, totally cool.)


Saturday night we attended a music party around a bonfire. I think it’s official, we are not having any more snow till autumn. Or so I declare it after a bonfire gathering!

The coolest thing at that party was that the former members of the band “The Weepers” were there and they did a little mini-reunion. It was basically reminiscing for them and a concert for the rest of us. Wonderful, no matter what you call it. Once upon a time, Brian and I (as The Fabulous Heftones) opened for The Weepers at the Creole Gallery. Only good memories there, I assure you.

On Sunday I just could not get out of bed in time to see Kitty Donahoe at 11:30. Mind you, I typically go to bed many hours after midnight. Although I may wake up an hour or two before noon, I don’t usually have to be fully awake and dressed and ready for the world that early. I love Kitty… for years I said she had the most beautiful voice in Lansing. She doesn’t live here anymore but her voice is still lovely.

mysticshakecrazyrichardbanana16.jpgBy the time I got to town I spent a little while with Brian looking at art booths and visiting Altu’s food booth. It seemed everywhere we went, we ran into people we knew. We saw Linda Abar, my voice coach when I had to learn how to talk again (after 31 days of total voice rest, not a single word of talking for a month). Linda just had her debut CD release concert at the UU church the same day we had our concert at the Rendezvous. She said she had a wonderful big turnout in spite of all the competition that night (Steppin’ in It was also playing that night to a huge audience in town).


The highlight of the early day was the Mystic Shake concert. These guys are friends and colleagues, and I never tire of their optimistic energy on stage. They just make you smile!


At the concert, there were kids dancing, and people shaking the cans this band is known for (soft drink cans full of beans and spray painted red). At one point, Ben went out in the crowd and handed out bananas to those who wanted one. It was really fun to watch him encourage a toddler to take one.

And it was fun… Crazy Richard, the juggler from Ann Arbor, happened along as Ben was peddling bananas. Richard obliged by juggling three bananas for a short while. Much fun.

But the best part? The guys noticed a little boy who had a toy electric guitar and who was wearing it with a little guitar strap around his shoulders. They invited him up for their last number.

He was SO excited! I just loved every moment of watching the interaction between the boy and Pat in


particular, who was standing next to the boy. They jumped up and down like rock stars for a while, then when Pat stopped, the kid kept going jumping left and right. Much fun, absolutely harmless (you couldn’t hear the

kid’s instrument at all in the audience), and a very bright spot in one child’s life. Those guys ROCK.

The last concert I attended was Seth Bernard and Daisy May. I’ve spoken of them here before. What a moving experience it is to hear them play and sing. Their harmonies are wonderful, they are strong at playing their instruments, being an ensemble, singing solo or in harmony.

They had a friend join them on percussion (a box that you sit on, where it makes different sounds depending on where you hit it with your hand). I am missing his card right now but I want to say Mike from Kalamazoo. They also had Jen Sygit come up and sing harmony for their final number, Shine On. Love that song.


It was a wonderful time at the fest this year. I have not enjoyed it so fully in years. Yes, it did help that this year we did not have rain. Cold can be cured by much wool, and because of that I had a great time.