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Archive for May 23rd, 2008

Thanks to the Traffic Crossing/Safety Workers

Friday, May 23rd, 2008


Not long ago, Brian and I (The Fabulous Heftones) sang for a banquet honoring the adult safety traffic crossing workers of Ingham County. It was really great to see these people honored, who endure nasty weather and have to wake up at an hour not pleasant for most of us. It was amazing to hear how many of them have worked this job for 20, even 30 years. Good folks.

fabheftonessafety1full16.jpgI was really impressed with how many Police Chiefs from different local municipalities were at the event. How wonderful that they were there, showing their true appreciation for these essential workers.

We sang fun songs that the crowd was likely to know and enjoy. After all, we are about nostalgia and when a familiar song can make people smile… well, we want to encourage that smile. We had a great time, and by the looks of the faces, the audience liked it, too.

It’s worth taking the time to say thanks to all of those who work this sometimes thankless job on behalf of the kids of our communities. I remember the guy who was on our corner for years, I always waved at him every time I went by (I was on my way to work with kids after school, myself).

pattengillhallway.jpgFinally one day I stopped and introduced myself. He was a retiree with a lot of grandkids who just liked kids, it just fit who he was to do this sort of work. He told me that on the last day of school, he would hire an ice cream truck for the handful of kids he was there for. He told me that so many kids are taken to school by parents that very few walk anymore. As a non-parent, I don’t notice that trend except when I pass by a school after the final bell.

So thanks to the folks with red hand-held STOP signs. Thanks to the police chiefs and the Lansing Safety Council. And thanks to the person who thought to ask us to perform. We loved every minute.

For Lansing residents who have not been inside the new Pattengill Middle School on the corner of Saginaw and Marshall, here is a photo of the entry hall, outside the cafeteria/auditorium where we sang. Nice, huh? The kids were in a school nearly 100 years old and showing its age, and now they have this. I’m sure they enjoy it.

Thanks to the Police Chief of Lansing Township, Chief Kay A. Hoffman for taking photos with my camera while we sang. It is pretty impossible to take photos of ourselves. She did a wonderful job!