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Archive for May 24th, 2008

New Sockyarn, New Sock Design in the Works

Saturday, May 24th, 2008

doublestripeonfoot16.jpgThere is a new sockyarn which is handspun in Japan. It is a single strand (ply) and it contains 70% rustic, springy wool, and 30% nylon (for strength). I have done a lot with yarns made by this company (Noro). They have not had a sockyarn before, however.

This sockyarn came out very recently. It’s called Kureyon (pronounce: Crayon). Rae got I think 5 colorways about a month ago. Then in the last few days she got 8 more colorways (these new ones are not even on the promotional color cards, they are so new).

(Edited later: Noro has another sockyarn in the works, projected arrival date July. That one will have silk and mohair in addition to the wool and nylon. It will have similar color patterning, though maybe different colorways than the Kureyon. This design should work equally well for the new yarn.)

Some folks have called Kureyon Sockyarn scratchy. However, in my opinion it is better described as a rustic, wooly yarn which I do not characterize as scratchy. Of course, your mileage may vary.

I have skinny feet (size 6 narrow US) and this means that a tube I would knit for my foot as a sock, is really small. This means that the long stretches of yarn in one color, before changing to another color, make very wide stripes across my foot (see foot portion in photo at left). It’s lovely, really, but not always what I want.

The colors repeat so infrequently that I knit one full sock and half of another before I got to the beginning of the same sequence of color I started with. This means that it will be a bit of a challenge to make two socks that look the same colors at the same places, unless one has small enough feet to not need the full skein for a pair. Luckily, the skeins have a lot of yards of yarn.

Here I took both ends of the same skein of yarn and striped them against one another on the leg of the sock (see leg portion in photo). I have a specific pattern I used as far as how fat each stripe was, but it still looks pretty random with all the color changing happening.

I used an easy toe-up technique, with a Dutch heel variant. It is more beautiful than I expected. I’m delighted.

For those who will ask… no, the pattern is not ready yet but I’ll have it up sometime in June.

I will be teaching this sock at Little Red Schoolhouse in June. Here are details:

Saturdays, June 14, 21, 29, 3:30 – 5:30pm. Double-striped socks!

Noro handspun sockyarn has arrived and the colors are inspiring. Join LynnH for a toe-up sock class with a unique colorful leg. The yarn has very long color changes, and in this sock we will stripe different colors against one another for extra fun! Either choose two colorways with contrasting colors to stripe, or work from both ends of the same ball to make fun color combinations.

The toe-up sock structure allows us to cast on and knit right away, without a gauge swatch. The colors will keep you so enthralled that the project will finish in no time.