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Archive for May 25th, 2008

Chippy Socks: You can’t knit just one pair.

Sunday, May 25th, 2008

I’m in the very last week or two of development on a sock pattern. I started this pattern during the holiday season of 2006-07 and stalled out in February of last year. There were reasons for the stall, but I have figured out a way around them. The project is at full speed ahead right now.

chippysocks50web.jpgI have three test knitters working on this project this week. They are finding little things I can’t find when writing, and I am very grateful for their input. Thanks to Eunice, Mary and Diana!!!

The pattern was inspired by my toddler friend Isabel. She loves socks, shoes and boots. One day she was wearing her ladybug boots and refused to take them off to take a nap. Mommy decided that this was not a battle worthy of fighting and the kid slept with the boots on. But I had planned to knit the child some socks. Now what?

The answer I came up with, was to design six different leg patterns and six different foot patterns. My love for color contrast is shared by the younger set, so I chose three colors to work the six designs. And the knitter can decide if they want to knit two socks or three (a spare, always a good thing) or six.

I guess they could also knit two socks that matched, though my mind does not delight in that choice as much as the variety available in other choices. However, the great part about knitting is that the one holding the yarn is in charge of the creative output. The child wearing the socks will not know what I had in mind!

Here is a photo of a few socks I did as swatches when I started this design. The yarn shown is no longer carried by any of the shops where I work, and it is a bit too fat to be knit at my desired gauge.

I have re-specified several yarns that will work out more to the gauge I wanted. They are also hopefully more available, at least in my part of the world. One of the new yarns I’m specifying is Cascade Fixation (solid colors) which is a good yarn for wool-sensitive individuals, and the colors available are wonderful!

Off to knit samples for Threadbear’s ZigBagZ Bottle/Sport class starting in June. These are turning out quite fun. Very different colors than previous bags, lots of red/magenta contrast. One bag has a purple solid, the other a blue-turquoise.

I’m also knitting swatches for some proposed sock patterns for a book. No, I’m not writing a book solo as some thought. A book is being put together by a publisher and they asked me to submit a few designs for possible inclusion.

One step at a time, and even if they say yes it may be holiday season of 2009 before you see it in print. I’m hopeful this will happen, cross fingers for me that they choose my work.