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Archive for July 6th, 2008

SummerKidz Knit!

Sunday, July 6th, 2008

I have a small handful of loyal kids this summer who followed me to Rae’s Yarn boutique from Foster Community Center. The move has been a good one for me.


I was bone-tired of working summer programs at community centers. (My first summer program was 1989 at Black Child and Family Institute where I worked 4 years, later followed by at least 5 summers at Foster Center. I think it’s OK to pass the baton.)

When you have 70+ kids in one space each day, it is intense… there is a drama-a-day, normal but high-energy. No matter what building, no matter who the kids are, no matter how much you learn to love those kids, it’s just an energy drain. I wanted to spend my focus on teaching, rather than being distracted by the drama.

At Rae’s I have kids whose families are invested in their knitting and who value what I am doing for their children. These kids knit at home. These kids are learning to knit without me, to knit from (simple) patterns.

I am really enjoying the change. I expect I’ll return to Foster in the fall, but for summer this is wonderful.

My kids at Rae’s noticed the huge knitting needles we had raced with at World Wide Knit in Public Day. They had to give these a try! Check out the photo of them exploring the possibilities!