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Archive for July 8th, 2008

Life is a Story Problem

Tuesday, July 8th, 2008

I’m working on a new sock design, the one for Lark Books. It is a very fun sock in 3 colors, with a different structure from any sock pattern I’ve mapped out stitch-by-stitch before.

larksockyarn.jpgI have knit a lot of socks this way. I know a lot of guidelines for this sort of sock structure, but I sort of think in general guidelines rather than numbers.

When I knit socks for me, I typically “make them up on the needles.” This week I need to translate into actual numbers for the sake of my readers/customers. I’ve done it before, will do it again. I never enjoy it much.

It’s a story problem, really. I made a list of the things I need to do/figure out, one at a time, to get the measurements/stitch counts I need. There are 6 steps in my story problem today.

As Brian often says… “there are a finite number of…” steps, or objects, or whatever it is that seems big at the time. Yup. Six steps. It just can’t take that long, then, can it?

At least it’s not that story problem about how long it would take to fill up the bathtub while the drain was simultaneously open. Ugh. I still don’t get how to do that one, and it seemed to be on every math test I took in high school!

Photo: the three colors of yarn that will be in the sock design. Publishing is a competitive game and most details must be kept secret until the book comes out in late 2009. However, my contact person at Lark says the colors of yarn I use need not be kept secret, so at least I can share these with you!