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Archive for July 26th, 2008

Mom in the News

Saturday, July 26th, 2008

My mom made the front page of the Local section of the Lansing State Journal today. Thanks to Priscilla for spotting it right away. They do not mention her name but the photo says it all. Dance is very big in Mom and Fred’s social schedule. They get out quite often.

You can read the article online (time to again mention how much I appreciate the LSJ.com website). It’s about a “senior prom” which raises funds for senior programs (supported by a team of police agencies in the area).

Mom and Fred are dancing front and left, you can recognize mom by her beautiful long white/silver hair and her bright blue dress. I still say she has the prettiest hair I know.

And I wonder where I get my ColorJoy gene from? Hmmm…

A Goofy Shot

Saturday, July 26th, 2008

Brian and I sang for a private luncheon a few weeks ago. We dressed up and forgot to ask anyone to photograph us. So we sat down and held the camera and took a photo of ourselves. It was a giggly sort of fun. Here we are.

For the record, I’m wearing the white alpaca circular Peace Shawl that Alison Hyde knit for me as a gift. The pattern is available in her book, Wrapped in Comfort.

Colorful Traveling Quarters

Saturday, July 26th, 2008


At Dulcimer Festival last weekend, I spotted these three very stylish traveling quarters. Two are old GMC vehicles, and one is a new thing I had never seen before. All look just artful and lovely to my eyes.


I’ve finally really come to terms with the fact that I really do care what things look like. I drove an ugly 1985 navy blue VW Golf for 250,000 miles and I adored that car, but I did in fact embellish it by painting three stars on the back side hatch. I love my ’98 New Beetle (not that new anymore, at 134,000 miles), though, and she is SO pretty!


Looking at these “camping boxes” really made my eyes smile. So pretty! I’d never really noticed the GMC camping vehicles before, but I guess they were planning to have a gathering of about 30 of them just outside the area where we stayed.

Too cool. Very ColorJoy. Even cooler than shiny Airstream trailers, perhaps!