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Archive for August 4th, 2008

Garden Photos for Ewe-Kniss

Monday, August 4th, 2008

Ewe-Kniss has mentioned before that she likes it when I post garden photos. This year I’m doing more than last year (when the flowers got watered in their flats for weeks, I was so ill). I’m not doing as much as I had dreamed, of course. That is the nature of life for a passionate creative person.

Do you see that my flamingo under the mailbox is nearly hidden? It is in the middle of a thriving and beautiful peony bush. Four years ago we moved that bush from a shady spot five feet away, and the thing almost died. It went down to one sad leaf. One. I would come home and the leaf was drooped all the way to the ground. I’d water it, the leaf would perk up maybe an inch above the soil. Next morning, repeat.

I was just sure I’d killed this plant… but it taught me my favorite gardening rule: Water the Stick. When you think it’s over, it might not be. It seems to take about 3 years for a plant to really get going after planting, or so I observe in my yard. So now even when I lose all faith I water the stick. Sometimes wonderful things happen, if I’m patient. And now my flamingo is hidden by a bush that was once a single leaf.

I do have one red tomato on the plant which had flowers on it when I took it home (far left, white container). That is pretty exciting.

My herbs are iffy, I planted 5 kinds and one is coming up from seed, two others which came in pots are struggling. Go figure that the parsley I planted in the garden soil 2 years ago is coming up for an extra year (they usually last 2 years). And why the one herb happy from seed is basil, when the last time I tried it I failed miserably, is a mystery.

I tried nasturtiums and at first thought the squirrels had eaten the seeds. In spite of my fears, they came up and have beautiful leaves. I got my first flowers this week, just a handful but they are lovely. Maybe we will put them in a salad with that ripe tomato!

Other than that, I’m happy with my flowers in containers again. Thank goodness for geraniums and petunias in pots! They never were favorites of mine, but they soldier on when I ignore them, and continue to blossom in spite of neglect and strong afternoon sun. I’m all about loving what works!