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Archive for August 5th, 2008

Kate’s First Knitting Project

Tuesday, August 5th, 2008

Kate came to me with a little bit of memory about knitting a long time ago, if I remember right. She has been working on this baby blanket for many months, but she kept at it. This is a big project for a new knitter, even for an adult. She did such a great job!


She made a version of my Cushy Blankie pattern, adjusted slightly because she chose a worsted-weight yarn rather than the DK weight (thinner) yarn I specified originally. This pattern requires some paying attention, and she learned to come in when she got stuck and get some help from Rae or myself.

Today we met so that she could learn how to finish off ends… and how to bind off (her first time ever). She also needed to get a refresher on how to cast on, because she had only done it once. Go, Kate!!!

And do you know what she said today? She’s ready to start another one of these, in order to secure the lessons in her mind and hands. I think she’s going to be with us for a while now. I’m delighted.

Please Vote Today: Libraries Need Support

Tuesday, August 5th, 2008

I will not talk candidates or parties… but it is voting day at least in my corner of the world.

ivoted.jpgI will say that in Lansing, we are voting on whether to support our library system. The current funding system doesn’t support the buildings. In Williamston they had a leaky roof, as only one example of the need out there. Too much water coming in and we have no books or computers, you know?

If you can say you do not need a library, because you can buy a computer and books for yourself… please consider how lucky you are. (Never mind out of print items available only at a library.)

The kidz I work with at Foster Center, and some of the Seniors I teach, use the computers and other services at local library locations. There are free computer classes used by folks who worked at a time when computers were not part of everyday living. There are story hours and other programs to make summer go by more peacefully (I always spent my summers in the Hope Borbas library, in their reading programs… I even had Hope Borbas read me stories back in the ’60s).

For about the cost of one latte’ a month (or less) you can support this vital part of our community. Please get out there and vote on behalf of the big picture, even if you do not cast a single candidate vote.

Thank you for your consideration.