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Archive for August 8th, 2008

JazzFest Photos (post #1)

Friday, August 8th, 2008

I’m grateful to friends and even “strangers” on the sidewalk who were willing to take photos of us at JazzFest. We can’t take our own photos, of course. We’re dependent on the friendly help of folks who are on our team. We appreciate that help.


The first photo of JazzFest is supplied by my friend Arlyn who is one of my dance friends. She had the amazing fortune of finding this silk and hand-applied sequin dress for me and getting it to me just in time for the JazzFest performance. I’m delighted, not only with the dress but also her enthusiastic assistance.

Thanks for the photo and the dress, Arlyn!


Next is a photo taken by a friendly bystander on the sidewalk, just outside the area where the Lansing Symphony Big Band was entertaining a dancing, clapping, enthusiastic crowd. Thank you for taking on the camera-clicking task, neighbor!

The last photo was taken by a photographer we see around musical events, and whose name I did ask. (I think I even have his business card buried somewhere). I did not write this entry soon enough after asking, to retain his name, but his assistance is none the less appreciated.

The photo was taken right outside Mama Bear’s Cafe on Turner Street. We love Chica (Mama Bear)! The food is good, the people friendly, the tea extra-ordinary. If you have not tried this spot yet and you live in Lansing, make a point to get down there sometime.

Our experience at Jazzfest Lansing was wonderful in every way. We had so many of you friends out there! It is days like this which make me understand how I stay in Lansing despite the white/cold winters. The community and the joy of summer in Lansing is really wonderful. There may be nowhere as friendly and beautiful as my city can be in the middle of the summertime. I loved every second.


Several dance friends and their families were there; knitters Sharon P and Kristi with two boys and hubby Noel came out; Mom and her entourage of the day and all the zillion friends she knows; a spectacular classically-trained tenor I’ve known since childhood; a knitting child from Foster Center; one of my bosses from Foster Center; Tom S who I met at the Sierra Club retreat and his wife; computer students; and last but absolutely not least, music friends. I can’t even remember all the musicians but we did see Joe B with his son in a stroller and Andy Wilson who I wish had brought his trumpet. When we are lucky, Andy will sit in with us on Paper Moon, and his contribution really makes it a memorable number.

The volunteers, sound and other workers, and everyone else involved really made it a smooth and pleasant experience for us. Particularly big thanks to Mike Skory (of Skoryoke.com, check it out if you are in Lansing) in particular, for everything he had to do with our appearance at this wonderful event.

Unforgettable, as Natalie Cole might sing. I have not had this much fun on stage since New York City!