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Archive for August 11th, 2008

Ukulele Evangelist Interviews Brian

Monday, August 11th, 2008

The blog called The Ukulele Evangelist has interviewed Brian this week (dated August 9, 2008). He did a really nice job.

He also linked to one of my favorite YouTube videos of Brian, where he sings “My Red Hot Gal.” It’s no secret that I like songs (vocals, singing) better than tunes (instrumental only), and this one is so lively!

This particular video includes Brian doing what is called “eefin'” which is something like a scat… vocals which are used much the same way as a trumpet solo, for example, in the middle of a song.

It’s a bit silly and makes people smile, which is the point. I used to go to Brian’s solo concerts because I thought he was so good at entertaining, and the eefin’ was no doubt part of the attraction.

It’s funny… off stage, I tend to be the lively one and Brian is more reserved. On stage? I look a bit like a vacant girl full of adoration for the wild guy. I had no idea that was how it looked until our 3rd Midwest Ukefest when friends took a video and sent it to us. It just sort of turned out that way.

As they say, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” So we keep it up and everyone has fun, including us.

I don’t mind. It’s perhaps a little like George Burns and Gracie Allen, except I’m pretty sure few people are as smart as Gracie was. But the adoring woman on stage with her man? Yeah, that’s us. Good thing he’s a whiz on that uke, too.

(I’m not sure how I chanced into this fun life… lucky me, huh?)

First photo was taken by friend Hanno at Stage 1210 (Lansing’s Old Town) in January 2008. Second photo was taken by Regina at Altu’s Ethiopian Restaurant in 2004.