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Archive for August 12th, 2008

And the Week Progresses…

Tuesday, August 12th, 2008


It seems every day lately is a social event and a place for photographs. It’s a good thing that on Sunday (the 3rd of August, that is) I mostly cleaned house and cooked, preparing for a guest. At least one day was not photogenic, which is a relief after all the photos taken at a music festival!

Our friend Aki, from Osaka, Japan, came on Monday. He stayed for 3 nights. Brian has known him for 20 years. They met at a bluegrass banjo camp (I think in Tennessee), and have stayed in touch ever since. I think this is the third time Aki has stayed with us since I met Brian about a dozen years ago.

dagwoodsakiwithbrian.jpg The first night he was here, we went out for sushi and sashimi at Sansu restaurant in East Lansing. Aki loves to explain how things are done in Japan, and why, and show us things we may not know. He enjoyed showing Brian how to use chopsticks the way adults use them in Japan. I never paid much attention to how Brian used them, since they seemed to work fine for him. Lucky for me, Aki did not correct my form. (Sigh of relief.)

The main theme when Aki is here, is that music is played every minute possible. (The second rule is good food, usually at small mom-and-pop restaurants.) On the way home from our dinner, I called several old-time fiddle friends to let them know Aki was here and they were going to play music on the porch. One friend did come, and the three guys spent happy time on the porch playing many tunes.


Tuesday night we decided to show Aki the 1940’s neighborhood tavern, Dagwoods. Those who tune in here regularly know that we go there from time to time on Tuesday nights for the Open Mic night which is hosted by Jen Sygit. It’s a friendly place and all sorts of top-notch musicians hang out and take turns playing.

Brian and Aki did a set of bluegrass tunes. Brian played banjo and Aki was on fiddle. They sure had a good time. I had a hard time photographing them, they were moving so freely to the music! Wonderful.

In one photo here, you can see a blur of people dancing… one of whom is Phil Wintermute. I don’t know the other dancer’s name.

Brian and I also played a set, of course. It was also extra-nice that Rae joined us after her work was done, too. We all had a great time.