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Archive for August 17th, 2008

Give a Kid a Camera!

Sunday, August 17th, 2008

Well, I officially give up on posting anything in the order in which it happened. I give up on posting some things I had wanted to post. But today’s post brings me a smile, so maybe it will do the same for you.


There is a child who is special to me and who I do not see often. He and I (and sometimes his sister) like to dance in the dance tent together, at the Folk Festival each August. Usually we do this on Sunday afternoon, and that is what we did this year.

His sister was busy with other special adults in her life when I got there. So it was two of us who headed over to the tent together.

I usually like to take as many photos as possible in the dance tent. In fact, I did take photos both Friday and Saturday nights and have not shared them here yet. But on Sunday, the best photos of all happened. You see, I gave a kid a camera.


Magic happens when you let a child take a camera into their hands. With the miracle of digital photography, there is no film cost involved. Yes, he could drop it but so could I (trust me, this camera has survived a few experiences with gravity already). I guess it costs me a little battery life and time downloading them to my computer… then uploading to Flickr, in this case. But hey! The photos are so worth it.

People light right up when a child points a camera their way. Someone who might be shy or something when I am holding the camera, will beam at a child. And the photos a kid can get of other kids? Priceless.


Please condider taking a bit of time to check out my Flickr photoset, “Give a Kid a Camera: Great Lakes Folk Fest 2008.” When you get to that page, at the top right (just under a text search box) there is a light gray screen “button” which says Slideshow, if you want to see it that way. Once you get into the slide show, you can set the speed to slow or fast in the bottom left corner. You can tell it to go directly to the next photo by taking your mouse to the right side of the screen until a large triangle pointing right shows up… and clicking the triangle.

I think my young friend did a great job. (I only removed totally blurry shots, shots that were of someone’s back and nothing else, and duplicates when there were more than 2 or 3 of a certain person. The photos here on my blog are cropped/edited, but the ones on the Flickr site are as they were taken.) Go, Kid!


I don’t know the people here. Well, except the turquoise one would be me. I can make a fool of myself fully for a child I love! If you know any of these folks, do let them know their picture is here. I can either identify them if they wish, even link to their own internet presence, or even remove the photo if they wish. I personally love the fun energy revealed by a kid with a camera…