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Archive for August 24th, 2008

Folk Fest Dancing Slide Shows on Flickr

Sunday, August 24th, 2008

folkfestdancersm2.jpgFinally I had time to save the last Great Lakes Folk Festival images on Flickr for you. I have three new photosets set up for you to view as a slideshow, and I am officially done with the festivities which happened two lovely weeks ago. (The first time I posted this entry, I did not include my Friday Night photoset. Whoops!)

Friday night we danced to the Louisiana group. They know how to keep people hopping on their feet!

There were a lot of folks we knew in the tent with us that night. While I was taking photos of others, someone I did not know offered to take a photo of us dancing. It’s a nice shot. It was a fun time, believe me.

There is one set of photos showing Saturday night’s dance tent (a Mexican band of a style I’d not heard before, complete with foot stomping as a percussion instrument at times).

That night, the festival saw the best dressed dance audience of the weekend, at least the ones I saw. Check out the photos of the footwear on the audience/dancers. And of the beautiful musician/dancer who was the foot-percussionist.

Note photo below which is my talented young knitting student, A., dancing with our mutual friend Mike. They really were cutting up the rug, dancing up a storm, and having a great time.


My second new photo set is Sunday’s crowd dancing to the polka band (two photos are the chicken dance, a just-folks, silly but fun sort of party entertainment). I had the luck of running into Rae there for a half hour or so and we did the polka together until she had to go back to work.

The first two photos show the chicken dance and the third is a shot of feet: Rae and I doing the polka together. It was much fun! That day was a bit chilly and rainy. Dancing was just the antidote.

Later on Sunday I also spent time with the boy photographer whose excellent candid photos I already showed you. That was during another musical set by the band from New Orleans who we had also heard on Friday night.

Between the two bands on Sunday, there were a LOT of children dancing. I love watching the kids at the festival.

Now, here is a closeup of the percussionist-dancer’s feet. I must say I was as interested in her dress/costume as I was the music and dancing. I *so* love embroidery.