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Archive for September 2nd, 2008

Techie Question…

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

Just wondering if anyone out there knows… I want to use MS Outlook 2003 for my calendar, addresses and tasks, but not for email. Outlook seems to be flipping out that I don’t want to set it up for email. Does anyone know about this? Anything at all? I have done a little Google searching but I get answers to questions I did not ask.

I want to sync my Palm data to Outlook, and even at that level Outlook seems to be insisting that I have an email address set up so it can know which “user” to sync. I can not find a user setup in Outlook at all. I think I have to go to the Windows VISTA Control Panel under “mail” to set it up. Can that be right?

Any input would be good. I’ve used Microsoft Desktop programs for years but have avoided Outlook because of its inherent “strength” (that is, ability to disseminate viruses at lightning speed). Never mind that I truly adore Eudora for mail (I used version 1.0 on a mac once upon a time, before Internet Explorer or Outlook existed).

I think I have to set it up for email and somehow try to tell Windows not to use it for my primary email program. I would rather not do that, but I really want to use Outlook to sync with Google calendar (and at least for a while, my palm device).

Help? Hints?

Oh, Yeah… Socks.

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

I have been taking socks in my bag for waiting-in-line knitting. I’m not on any deadlines for socks, and maybe burned out a little during the knitting frenzy of getting my sock design ready for Lark Books back in July. But there is nothing as portable as a sock, and there is nothing as miserable as me waiting in line without something to knit!


When the Kureyon sockyarn hit Rae’s shop, I had to try it out quickly. I made two sample socks for her shop, to show folks what the yarn might look like knit up. Then I had some leftovers, not enough for a pair. I decided to split the leftovers and stripe the multicolored Kureyon (it is hand-spun in Japan for the non-knitters out there) with a solid yarn also in my stash. The solid has lost its label but I think it’s Blauband.

The colors here are off. The solid is more green than it looks here, and the toe of the Kureyon is a greenish-brown. Somehow the green level is off in this photo (which I took indoors, no wonder). However, you can see that the solid really does a nice job of showing off the very-slowly-color-changing properties of the handspun.

In my official upcoming design (see tiny photo at right), still in draft form, I only striped on the leg, and I used Kureyon striped with another color of Kureyon. It was easier to knit that way, and the sock is in the shoe most of the time anyway. However, this time I thought I would run out of yarn if I did that.

In the official sock, I followed a set striping pattern which looks a little random. In the one this week, I literally was random because I was knitting it on the fly, sometimes in places where I could not see well enough to count rows.

I love toe up socks because I can knit without knowing how much yarn I really have. If I finish the foot and add a half-inch ribbing, it’s a footie! If I can knit until I have knee socks, I can go on that long or I can stop when I like how it looks. And I can use up the leftovers.

Ironically, I have done so well saving yarn that I will have leftovers from the Kureyon leftovers. This ball you see in the photo was the yarn allotted to one sock only. I have another waiting in the wings. Go figure.

Oh, for those curious about how I like the Kureyon sockyarn? I think it is exactly what we expected. It’s not as soft as some yarns because that’s the sort of wool Noro often uses. It has nylon in it and it is spun quite densely so I am guessing it will wear fine if knit densely enough.

However, it is handspun in a workshop where they have to crank out handspun at a serious pace. This is not super-fine, nor is it spun perfectly evenly. It looks handspun, which is a feature (you like it or you don’t).

norothreesocks16.jpgIt is thick-thin, not as much as the Kureyon sweater yarn but it’s not regular sock yarn either. I knit it on size 1 US needles (2.25mm) rather than the size 0US (2mm) that I usually use on standard commercial sockyarns.

I like this yarn for being exactly as it is. (I think it would make a spectacular shawl, too.) My biggest beef is that I would like to custom-order in my favorite colors. The newer colorways are closer to my ideal than the first batch. (There are a few colorways without brown or gray now, which I appreciate.) And even striping it with a solid that I love, works for making the off-colors more my style.

(Note: third photo added several hours after the first posting of this entry. The two socks at left were the first bit of the skein I’m using up with stripes in the first photo. I started with the turquoise toe of the left sock, knit to the top of that, then started the toe of the second sock, striping from both ends of the same skein when I hit the cuff. The right-side sock used two different colorways/skeins for the striping, two different skeins than the other socks.)

The Best Weekend Ever

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

I have not had such a nice weekend in so long I can not remember. I hope all of you did, as well.

The weather was gorgeous, sunny, hot, and perfect for daytime hammock sitting and almost-twilight bicycle riding. I worked on my Mom’s project (phase 1 of 4 is very close to done, we are both pleased). I knit, cooked, cleaned a little, did a project I had put off a long time.

I uninstalled software I don’t enjoy using, and installed some I like better. I cleared out old stuff from the office, cleared off the desk a bit, played some music with Brian and knit some more.

On Saturday I socialized a bit, tea with Sharon P and then a birthday/music party. I even got time to read some friends’ blogs and some of my email groups.

If there are three sorts of days off, I got approximately one of each with a little work thrown in. One day of socializing, one of lazing around and one of getting work done. Life is not often this lovely.

I wish for all of you that you feel a bit of my relaxation through the keyboard as you read this. I’ll bring photos back in the next post, but right now I need to go tuck myself into bed at a not-exactly-reasonable hour.

I don’t have an appointment Tuesday till 6pm, but I have more yet on my to-do list before I go out. Mom’s project will get another real push, and I have more software configuring to do. My goal there is to make the calendar I keep on my computer for classes, synchronize with Google Calendar for the world (my family and students, mostly) to see. I hope.

I think I have all the right pieces to do it but now I need to make all the gizmos and programs talk to one another… Palm Pilot to computer, computer to Google, all with different programs going on. It’s theoretically possible so I am pursuing it, will check back here to let you know how it’s going.

Drat, I’m chatting too much and it’s almost 3am. Goodnight, my friends!!!

P.S. if you want a nice photo or a few to look at, do go visit Kristin Nicholas’ Getting Stitched on the Farm!