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Archive for September 7th, 2008

Stretching Summer

Sunday, September 7th, 2008

Music Happiness

Pardon my weekend absence, we were at Wheatland Music Festival for a few days. It was lovely, one of the best weekends I’ve had there in years. It was chilly… on Friday it got down to 47F/8.3C in the tent but I got to bed while it was still in the mid-50’s. Saturday it was warmer, though I still needed a good portion of wool items to be comfortable outside playing music until 1am.

It is inconvenient to camp in a tent, sleep on an air mattress (there is no such thing as a good one of these, apparently) and do without running water for most of 3 days. However, there are people we see only once a year, and this is homecoming weekend if we ever wish to see them. We love it.

I got a few minutes to chat with Lansing music friend Jen Sygit. She lives in Lansing but I seem to see her most often when she is working.

Once the summer music-festival rush slows down for her, we will hope to share a cup of tea in Lansing. For now, a hello and ten minutes of chatting at Wheatland was lovely.

Jen did a songwriter presentation on Saturday just after dinner break, with three other singer-songwiters. I really enjoyed that show, all four of the performers were great. And since the songs Jen is working into her next album (coming out in January) are so strong, I was happy to see her able to sing a handful of those new songs to a large tent packed full of listeners.

I love Jen’s last album, Marshall Street, I’m still playing it several times a week. But the upcoming album (I have had the fortune to hear it in its early-development stage) is equally strong, singable, engaging. Right now the only way for most folks to hear the songs is to catch Jen live. It was great.

There is great relationship at the festival, good food and music. We go to jam with other musicians, for the most part.

Knitting Happiness

I knit on my Nanette summer top in the car on the way up, a little bit there, and most of the way home. I have since finished all the knitting and seaming, but no ends are worked in and it needs to be blocked. We will not talk about how many ends there are to hide when one holds three yarns together while knitting.

The top fits very well, is cute and comfortable. I am delighted with the minor modifications I made (mostly shortened the waist/torso section by several inches).

Rae was right, it’s shorter than most tops I usually wear. However, it is long enough to go over a straight skirt which fastens at the waist. I usually wear tunics but this looks cute in a different way. I will enjoy wearing it. Photos need to wait until Monday, I need to crash here very soon.

Computer Update

I am still fussing with my computer setup (I want to synch my Z22 palm device to MS Outlook 2003, and so far it is not working even with several software upgrades, but I have not run out of ideas). I am not having the troubles I could be having (hi, Deb!), and for that I am still grateful.

End of Summer Push

This is my last week off from Haslett Community Education (basic computer classes, mostly retirees) for the summer. I’m also heading in to the last few summer weeks off from Foster Community Center (CityKidz Knit! program, a walk-in program at a city-owned neighborhood building).

I am primarily focused on finishing the book project for my mom. I had intended to work on it last December and my health, difficulty obtaining proper software and other things got in the way. I’m so happy to be on a roll now, at least on the days when I’m home.

The Plan

Off to sleep, then a nice new start on Monday morning. Maybe I’ll have some of my famous-to-me “brown” (buckwheat) pancakes. With strawberries on them it’s a big treat to start the day right. If you missed the recipe when I posted it, click here for my no-gluten, extra-yummy pancake recipe.

As a friend says… it’s time to “hit the feathers” and sleep. Goodnight.

Photos: Jen Sygit at Wheatland 2007, my should-be-famous “brown pancakes.”