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Archive for September 13th, 2008

Sparrow Hospital Diversity Days, 2008

Saturday, September 13th, 2008


A few weeks ago I danced with the Habibi Dancers at Sparrow sparrowgarnett.jpgHospital on the lunch hour. Once a year they have Diversity days. This is the third year they have asked us to dance.

I love this sort of event. I tend to enjoy shows where we are closer to the audience, where I can interact with the folks who are watching.

I like to make eye contact and I don’t like the fuss of worrying about whether someone will pull open the curtain at the right time, whether there is a spotlight in the right place. I do the big-stage shows with the troupe, but my heart is in the community. I love dancing at my neighborhood restaurant, New Aladdin’s, for the same reasons.

So here we have several photos. I was in all of the group numbers but did not have a solo. Fortunately one friend took photos of the number I was in that everyone was not in. So the first photo shows me at center with two other dancers.

I am re-focusing lately here on my original premise for this blog. My theme is the fact that there is artfulness around us everywhere.

Not only is art the sort of thing one can frame and hang on the wall, but there is performing and costuming, writing and cooking and gardening… even making a warm and comfy space for a gathering, to me, is a sort of artform. In this case not only did we play wonderful music, we danced, and we wore wonderful costumes.

My costume here was made by another woman in the troupe. Some costumes are purchased, most commercial costumes are made in Turkey or Egypt.

(However, remember that what you choose to wear each day is another sort of costuming. You need no beads or fringe for your clothing choices to constitute a costume of a different sort. I adore clothing of many sorts, and costuming myself each day is one of my favorite activities.)

I loved this event. (For the record, this hospital is walking distance from Rae’s yarn shop, Foster Community Center where I teach knitting and dance, and the house I purchased for myself when I was single. It’s my still the neighborhood of my heart and where I am most of my waking hours, a wonderful place.)