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Archive for September 14th, 2008

A Tiny Dancer

Sunday, September 14th, 2008


The day Habibi Dancers (including me) performed at Diversity Days at Sparrow Hospital, the group following us was delightful. I’m not clear on the terminology, I would call them hula/Hawaiian dancers, perhaps Polynesian (Charlotte suggests their skirts look Polynesian or Maori, thanks for that input).

I have seen some of this sort of dance at Ukulele festvals, and taken what were called Hula workshops, but this particular group did more than one type of dance and at least one was not what I have studied.

I missed a lot of their show because I was changing from “Eudora” (my dance name) back to my LynnH street clothes. However, I got upstairs in time to watch a few dances and loved them. I have not seen this group before.


I first watched a very old traditional dance where they were on their knees and there were no instruments other than voices and the percussion of hands clapping or slapping the knees and elbows. I just love this kind of dance, though it is not currently very popular. I was delighted to see them do it.


They also did a modern hula to a song I have never seen as a hula before. My favorite part of that, was that someone brought their toddler along, dressed for the occasion. She decided to go into the group and join the dance for a short while.

Assparrowhulababy.jpg we know, groups of women have always had children to tend and often have needed to bring them along. Our troupe had a toddler with us the last 3 years, and the group takes turns with the child as needed.

The cool thing I did not notice until I got home and checked out my photos, was that the toddler was clearly mimicking the hand movements she observed in the older dancers. She does not know the specifics yet but clearly she was doing what she could to use her hands expressively. Isn’t this lovely?

I hope I see this group again. I really enjoyed their work.