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Archive for October 15th, 2008

Lake Lansing Natural Area Preservation

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

There is an area at Lake Lansing, where there are paths which are located on private land. The owner of the land has declared that the use will cease soon.

The citizens of the area and those who use the paths are working hard to purchase that land from the owner. They wish for it to remain undeveloped, and continue to be available to the public. My friend Art wrote this:

If you have note yet had a chance to help on our effort to preserve the North Lake Lansing Trails – please consider a gift now!

We have three weeks to raise the last $7500!! Check out the website for more information


Fabulous Heftones in Ann Arbor Friday!

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

I’m pretty excited, we are playing at Crazy Wisdom Tea Room in Ann Arbor this Friday (Oct. 17, 8:30). Our friend, Sam Corbin, has played there for a while and he arranged for us to share a show.


Ann Arbor is one of my favorite places in Michigan. I spent much fun time there in the late 1970’s/early ’80s.

On a beautiful day in Ann Arbor, people go into the city and sit at cafes, chatting and watching other folks walk by. On a beautiful day in Lansing, people go home and work in their yards. It’s a cultural difference, and I’m more bi

g city in my blood than small town. I resonate with the vibe of Ann Arbor.

We have played Ann Arbor a few times. In April 2005, we played with Gerald Ross for AACTMAD (a local coffeehouse venue), and in March 2006 we played in the Uke-tacular Uke-athon at Kerrytown Concert House. I would say if that was our last gig in Ann Arbor, we are overdue for some fun!

We are thinking we may go down early and get some food, probably at Zingerman’s Deli or Seva’ vegetarian restaurant. If the weather is dry we can walk around the downtown area, Main Street to Liberty to State for those who know the area. I am looking forward to it.

I’m put

ting a small version of the concert poster here. If you click it, you will go to a letter-sized PDF version of the poster which can be printed (or just read more clearly).

I know a few of you out there are in the Ann Arbor area. Riin, Erica, Diana, Oscar, Tessa, a few more as well, no doubt. Please come on by if you can, we would love to see you. And do bring a friend if you know someone who would enjoy it. The more, the merrier.