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Archive for November 6th, 2008

Hug the Kid

Thursday, November 6th, 2008

I got a phone message from friend April. She says that her beloved toddler Isabel, age 4, found the wristwarmers I knit for her last year, and she was “…so excited about them that she is going to sleep with them tonight.”


(Photo is Isabel wearing the original prototype “Chippy Socks” which became a pattern after the kid inspired me… actually, wearing one sock from one set and one sock from the other, in order to get even more colors on her feet at the same time.)

Thanks, Deborah!

Thursday, November 6th, 2008

Deborah Robson/The Independent Stitch won a prize in my little contest in October. She got a Wristwarmer pattern and a skein of blue Ella Rae classic wool yarn. I knew that they could work together as a kit if she wanted to do that, but a gift is a gift and people will do what is best for them. I was happy to send her that blue, as it seemed a good color for Deb, and I know she likes classic wooly yarns.

It turns out that she’s doing a different sort of handwarmer, a fingerless glove, using the blue yarn. And her daughter is interested in making wristwarmers from my pattern. I should say the word “pattern” is used loosely here, because my design is really more of a guide in how to use any warm yarn at any warm gauge, to make wristwarmers in any size.

Deborah discusses my pattern very kindly in her post. It isn’t exactly a review, but it’s an overview. She concludes that her daughter, a relatively new knitter, should be able to make what she wristwarmerlimegreen.jpgwants using my instructions… and expects she will not need additional help. That, of course, is my goal. I am flattered and honored by Deborah’s vote of confidence.

Deb is no slouch to writing and pattern layout. She was co-author of the recently-revised version of Knitting in the Old Way (with Priscilla Gibson-Roberts, an amazing woman who has written incredible texts on the subject of knitting including perhaps my favorite, Ethnic Socks and Stockings).

Deborah was also at one time the Editor of Spin-Off magazine, a publication by the Interweave Press people. And her business, Nomad Publishing, has won several small-press publishing industry awards in the last few years for books they have released. A kind mention from Deborah is better than one from nearly anyone else, in my opinion.

Thanks, Deborah!

Photo: my wristwarmer design in Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Bulky, worn over gloves in midwinter.