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Archive for November 9th, 2008

This CityGrrl’s Harvest

Sunday, November 9th, 2008

harvestherbs.jpgA few weeks ago we had frost. I had to cut the herbs in the garden, though I was not really ready for them. Then I pulled the smallest tomato plant inside and picked all the rest of the tomatoes, green, from the larger tomato plants outside. (The photo at right shows parsley at top, sad little basil bottom left, sage bottom right.)

I had spent several nights before that time, covering the tomato plants each night with a sheet. Brian would take it off in the morning on the way to work. this was fine when there was slight chance of patchy frost (the plants are up 4 steps on a landing, which is good for avoiding frost). At some point, though, it will frost solidly and one must give in to reality.

Here are the results of my harvest. There are still maybe 6 fruits on the indoor plant. I think it has decided to stop growing, anyway… it must know that November has arrived even though it’s indoors and warm enough.


Previous to this harvest moment, we got merely three red tomatoes all summer. We just got no fruit! So to have this many fruits at the same time, was crazy luck.

I really think that the tomatoes sense a chill in early Septmber and instantly put out as many flowers as they can. I have noticed this now, for several years in a row. It must be a survival instinct for them to do that, make seeds to procreate before it’s too late. Or so goes my theory…

For the record, the tomatoes on the windowsill have been slowly turning red one at a time. We have had about 5 turn red so far, and we have eaten 3 of them. A few look like they may still turn, I may share a few photos later with those. (And the indoor plant? One almost-red large fruit and a bunch of green ones not doing anything.)