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Archive for November 13th, 2008

A Night Singing at Dupont Circle

Thursday, November 13th, 2008

One night when we were in Washington, DC, we decided we would go and play music to folks passing by. We have done this in New York before and it is so much fun!


The weather could have been better, it had rained so the benches at Dupont Circle were wet. Also it was already getting dark by the time we got there (darned autumn) and so it was crucial that we find a good spot where people could see we were there.

First we went to the circle itself (a park inside a large traffic circle) and played a while. The rain did not help us much, and the lighting was poor. We decided to find another spot.


We ended up posting ourselves just outside an area where people came up from the subway, on the sidewalk just outside the traffic circle. This was more opportune, as we got the folks coming up and even a few who were waiting for someone to meet them.

dcheftonessubway.jpg There was quite an assortment of listeners. We saw a few people dressed up for Halloween (this was the weekend before the holiday). We had two guys stop and listen to many songs, who had clearly been partying for quite a while before they found us. They had a great time, but I do wonder if they remembered the encounter the next day.

There was another guy who was waiting for his lady, who chatted with us for a while. We gave him a postcard with our website on it so he could go get some free downloadable music.

In the end, we got pretty cold playing instruments with bare fingers, and we headed back. We found a Japanese fusion restaurant and got hot tea and a little bit to eat before we went back to crash for the night. It was a pleasant experience!

Thanks to Brian’s sister, Jenny, for navigating us to this spot and taking the photographs. We had such a fun time!