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Archive for November 17th, 2008


Monday, November 17th, 2008

It has turned nasty here, with temps hovering right at freezing and mean winds. It’s damp and the wind blows right through anything you might wear. Never mind that my body takes at least a month of cold before it gets used to revving up the heating response.

topperdownstripedstudent.jpgMy feet are cold all the time, unless (as right now) they are on/under a hot water bottle. What did I do without hot water bottles? Electric heating pads are just plain too hot, and you aren’t to use them if you might fall asleep with them on. The hot water bottles are just the right sort of warm (with just hot tap water) to keep the feet happier.

Last year I got my first hot water bottle. My feet were SO much happier! Then last week I gave in to the dream of two… one for feet, one for my lap.

topperdownnoro.jpgI used to have a cat for 17 years, and he sat on my lap and it was just a luxury to have him heat me up while he purred. Now I have Brian (who is allergic to cats) so no cat, and the second heating pad is on my lap right now. Aaaah. No purr, but otherwise excellent.

It requires an adjustment to remember that scraping the car windows is necessary before getting out to work, after a lovely summer of no such thing. I’m not a great planner-aheader but I do get used to it.

I do agree that snow is pretty, and the light does reflect on the white snow. Also, the neighborhood is so much quieter under a blanket of the soft stuff. It’s good sound insulation… this is an active neighborhood no matter what the weather (dogs and kids). That part is good.

But we’re definitely into the longjohns-every-day part of the year. Till March or April, I’m guessing. At least there is knitting… with wool, and alpaca, and mohair, and other yummy fibers. These things make it all better. Lots better!!! What would I do without wool to make me smile?

Hmm, makes me dream once more about knitting wool leggings/pants or wool longjohns. That would be the ULTIMATE luxury!!! Well, that or alpaca, or cashmere blend. Anything warm would make me smile.

The photos are hats knit by my students. The pattern is my very new Topper-Down hat. So new, that the pattern was just loaded on my website (link above) and is in only 2 shops to date, more soon. The pattern assumes you will stripe two colors, but isn’t the Noro Kureyon one-yarn/many-colors version delightful? It’s for a young child, and I’m sure that will go over well!