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Archive for November 27th, 2008

Thankful for a Simple Day

Thursday, November 27th, 2008

Thankful for Leisure

Today I slept and slept like there was no tomorrow. Today will be defined by leisure. There is no food to cook by a deadline, nobody waiting for us to arrive, no highways to navigate, no worries.

In fact, I woke up early and just turned over and slept for another several hours. This is the first thing to be thankful for today, but not the last.

The Luxury of Experimentation

I tried a new recipe for breakfast. It was a remarkable flop, but having the luxury to try it was a gift in itself.

I tried popovers from a recipe I found on the internet. I can’t have wheat, so I tried a buckwheat flour that has substituted well in the past. All other ingredients I could use without substitution.

However, the recipe thought I had muffin cups/popover pans that held three times the batter! It was for 6 popovers and I ended up with 18 pop-unders or no-pops. They were solid little egg muffins, perhaps, but dense and not an air hole to be found.

Thank goodness for lingonberry preserves! I love these (they are a Swedish berry, and they taste like cranberry but the fruits are tiny like a currant). If you put lingonberries on anything resembling a bread or cracker, your day can turn around in a moment!

The Luxury of No Schedule

firsttomato.jpgI am sort of having an aimless day. I scrubbed the top of the stove because it had been bothering me and I had not had time in the last good while. I tidied the top of the dresser in the bathroom where I keep my jewelry, vitamins and hair ties/barrettes.

It’s so lovely to sort of waft through the house and fuss or pick up where I have not felt there was time recently, and pass by other things just because.

I hope to do some knitting just for me, today. Well, maybe for Brian… but I will skip work knitting for one day. I will do some work on my Mom’s books again, after too long away.

The Luxury of Abundant Good Food

And Brian will make a roast chicken with white yams and onions in the oven (I will assist, but he gratefully will touch the chicken so I do not need to do it). I will probably make a crockpot of quinoa (no need for a rice cooker, I use the crockpot for the job). (The photo here was taken August 10, it was our first tomato of the season and seemed a good photo today.)

I have a goal of a walk today and the sun is already going down quickly. Brian already took a short bike ride today but I think he’ll walk with me as soon as the chicken goes in the oven.

Luxuries: Choices and Friends

We had a very wonderful invitation to dinner today. The people who are at that home right now are really fine folks whose company we really enjoy.

However, the quiet of not talking for an hour at a time, just listening to the furnace blow and the dishwasher run… I crave days like this. Tuesday I had six appointments in one day, all over the city. Today I have none. What more could I be thankful for?

Gratitude and Thanksgiving

Here is my gratitude list of the moment:

Brian. Life was good before him, but it’s immeasurably better now.
Color! Especially wild and exuberant brights.
Friends, both in town and online.
Family. We get along well, and that is not a given.
Lansing’s creative community.
Superior healthy food that tastes wonderful.
Time to experiment or just sit still.
Yarn, wool, knitting, creativity of all sorts.
Quiet, for today.
Being alive for one more day; not something to take for granted.

May you all have your own list of good things.

P.S. I will have my 50th birthday tomorrow, which is also my 6th Blogiversary. I’ll spend 11-6 at Rae’s Yarn Boutique, hanging out and hoping to see as many friends as possible. I’m baking tonight so we’ll have a little spread of treats there.

There will be some sort of surprise here, tomorrow, as well, complete with prizes. Please tune in for more details.

And may you have much to be thankful for, even if you are not celebrating the US Thanksgiving day.