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Archive for December 8th, 2008

Back to Functional

Monday, December 8th, 2008

Temporary Delay

I missed a day blogging… had about 24 hours where I could barely surf. For some reason, Firefox 3 won’t function on my laptop. I tried it months ago and it would crash instantly so at that point I went back to version 2 and it worked fine. Lately my computer has been so dog-slow I was groping for a fix.

I figured they had fixed a few bugs in version 3 since my first try, so I re-installed it a few days ago. Crazy… it works better for everyone else I know. I couldn’t even get it to start fully before it froze up. It just doesn’t seem to like my computer. I don’t like this computer much, either…

After a day of fixing a low-disk-space issue, Firefox still hung. I uninstalled version 3, reinstalled version 2, and I’m up and functional again. I have prizes to award and that’s on the short list. I’m still writing thanks to everyone who commented in the last week or so, and I’ll announce prizes soon. I did not forget!

Music to Smile By


(Anyone recognize the shape above? Nostalgia!)

This morning I’m listening to Roger Miller… bah doo dah do wacka do… brilliant music with a few musicians (guitar, keyboard, drum, and an amazing upright bass player on most cuts) and no special effects. He was a brilliant songwriter and performer.

He’s known for “King of the Road,” “Do Wacka Do” and “You Can’t Rollerskate in a Buffalo Herd” but unfortunately some of his most brilliant works never really made the radio. I mean… My Uncle Used to Love Me but She Died? (My favorite is “In the Summertime,” doo dah bah doo doodle doo.)

He had a fresh look at the world. “Rollerskate” is his version of the same sentiment as the Rolling Stones “(I can’t get no) Satisfaction,” a sort of protest of advertising. Brian and I sometimes sing “Kansas City Star” at jam sessions, it’s great for a smile and some harmony, and the chords are easy for folks to jam along.

Anyway… starting the day with Roger Miller after getting back online? I think it will be a good day! Wanna listen to him doo do do waak doo doodle doo? See if you can listen to this video on YouTube:

Added later: I found a YouTube of Roger Miller on the Muppet Show, doing a medley of four of his songs accompanied by a flock of muppet chickens. Perfect concept… his vocalizing works perfectly with the chicken idea, too funny!

Now I get to go teach kids to knit…

“…How bizarre, how bizarre…”

Monday, December 8th, 2008

Does this door sign crack anyone else up? I only wish there was one room to handle this subject. It sounds so simple!


That is right up there (in the bizarre idea department) with a phrase I overheard last night. Brian was watching YouTube, something about all the machinery it takes to make frozen pizzas in a factory. No problem, it talks about spraying (!!) tomato sauce on the cooked crust… and then it has a (get this) “meat applicator.”

I mean, it sounds a little like roll-on deodorant put that way. I grossed out a little and giggled a lot after hearing that.

But a meat applicator is nothing next to this photo Brian has on his web page. I actually took the photo, in rural southeastern Minnesota. It isn’t something one would find in the city here in Lansing. Finding it felt pretty Twilight Zone, something out of the blue for someone like me.

If you are vegetarian, you should not click… you have been warned.