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Archive for December 9th, 2008

Creative Kidz

Tuesday, December 9th, 2008

I am enjoying my young knitters this term. I have a 14 year old, and a girl who will be 13 years almost any minute now. Both are very talented and able to work on their own. They are finding their own styles, something very important at that age.


This first photo is handspun yarn made by the 13 year old. She learned about spinning from Rae, and someone gave her a spinning wheel (what a huge gift to a youth). She loves it! This yarn was made of bits and pieces of different-colored rovings, some of which were gifts to her. It is her first finished 2-ply yarn.

She would love her next skeins to be all one color. Personally, I love the energy of all these colors! I’m trying to convince her to make a felted bowl with this yarn, where she will not need two items to match. We will see what she decides, since it is her yarn and not mine!


The second photo is by the 14 year old. She made these wristwarmers with handspun yarn, but Rae spun it and the young lady did the designing and the knitting. I’d say she did a pretty great job!!!

Question of the day: What sort of creativity did you use for self-expression when you were young? Was it large-motor (sports or dance), small-motor (knitting), intellectual (debate), writing, traditional art, theatre, gardening, cooking?

For me it was a little of all of the above (perhaps less intellectual although I loved English), I think. I was a very social child and so singing in choir and theatre were perhaps most important in High School. Some kids are encouraged to be more practical than creative, and they find fascinating outlets when they need to feel creative. What did you do or not do?

I’m tallying all the comments from my birthday/blogiversary week contest. The tension builds…