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Archive for December 12th, 2008

Classes-o-Rama, Eternal Optimism

Friday, December 12th, 2008

The Right Kind of Busy

I’ve been swamped in all the right ways this week. Work is a lovely thing, and I have been doing more of it lately than usual (let’s face it, Aupolymergiftsjarlid.jpggust will always be slow for knitting teachers and winter will be better).

Monday I worked with the knitting Third Graders (much fun). I usually have Tuesdays off, but instead I taught 5 people how to do wet-felting at Threadbear Fiberarts. Wednesday I prepared for company, then I had kid knitters at Rae’s followed by a dance rehearsal; Thursday I had two students for “Knitting Study Hall” and five more for wristwarmers, also at Rae’s.

I had Friday “off” but of course that means grocery shopping and cooking… and some administrative work while I had the time to sit still. I did have time between two appointments and I had a cup of tea at a cafe, and knit for about 35 minutes. That was a lovely luxury.

Bewildered Again

I really wanted to dye yarn this week. I don’t know how I thought I would really make that happen!

Saturday I have two classes to teach at Rae’s, one in the am and one in the pm, then we have two musical events to attend. Sunday I have one class and then Brian and I will perform music for a private holiday party.

I’m a Bit Funny

Why do I continue to look at a calendar as full as this, and think I can add dyeing yarn on top of it all? I realize I only get one full day without work appointments this week, when I think about it. Somehow I think I can do more work that day… and at least this week, I couldn’t make it happen.

Last week I had Saturday off, this week I had Friday. I think I should be impressed with myself, that I can maintain this optimism in spite of evidence to the contrary. I think I won’t need to sleep? That I can take fuel from the air rather than cooking? Is anyone else out there this funny?

Actually when I think about it, at least one person can be as unrealistic as me. Stephanie/Yarn Harlot posts about her list of holiday knitting every year, how many hours it needs to be completed and how far behind she is each day. I never am clear about how deep I’m in, but I think I like my type of denial better than a list waving at me and telling me how ridiculous I am being!


Hints and Tips?

I’m wondering if we can call realistic scheduling an artform? I think we can. Is anyone out there good at it? Does anyone out there have advice that a seriously-distractable creative-artist-type could actually use to make things work better?

I did start to use Microsoft Outlook’s calendar and to-do list features relatively recently. I like that I have a to-do list that comes up like an alarm clock reminding me what day I must do things. However, I keep moving things down the calendar. I will not forget, but I can not make everything happen without some effort on my part.

I’m not complaining, really. Work is my friend. I love my work! Last Sunday, Brian went to a music party and I went to Rae’s to teach polymer clay. I was so happy to be teaching it was totally fine with me to miss the party. And we did have an absolute blast in that class! And then I get paid for doing it. This is as it should be, right?

But sleep and cooking and vacuuming for company all get sort of kicked aside for work, and preparing for work, and other appointments out of the house. I do it every time. Today we have two loads for the dishwasher because I ignored that task yesterday. It doesn’t go away when I look in another direction!!!

I get going on one thing, think of another I left partly done, finish that, go to a third thing then remember the unfinished one… I don’t do this every day but it seems I spend days off like this, trying to do all the things I can’t do when I’m not at home. I think I wrote this blog post in about 6 different bursts, before and after dinner. I think I started it about 9 hours before I hit “post.”

Balance is the Goal

What do you do, to make it balance? Do you have a way to be realistic? Do you somehow know how long something will take before you plan time to do it? I think that’s where I fall down… I don’t know how long it will take.

I also don’t account for things like phone calls from loved ones, or lunches with friends that can go more than 60 minutes. Relationship is very important to me but it needs to balance with income-producing activities.

And that said… I’m going to go rehearse with my beloved Brian, to prepare for the holiday gathering we will sing for on Sunday. They want us to do some Christmas music. We have to re-learn our favorite classics every December for such events. It’s pleasant to rehearse together, though it is also work-related.

I can’t wait to hear any hints anyone has. Or stories of the same balancing-act learning curve are fine, too.

Photo: Polymer Clay Gifts class last Sunday at Rae’s Yarn Boutique. I forgot to get photos of my knitting/felting students’ works this week. These photos, however, should cheer any soul!!!