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Archive for December 13th, 2008

A Simple Pleasure

Saturday, December 13th, 2008

Saturday was crazy. I taught one class in the morning, one in the afternoon. Then I went to Altu’s restaurant to hear our friend Art Cameron sing and to say goodbye to Altu who is going on vacation Sunday. THEN we went to a music/knitting/food party, and knit and talked while others played music. Not Simple.

orangepeppers.jpgBut I did get to go home for a short while before going to Altu’s. I sat still and enjoyed the quiet while I could.

I am learning to rejuvenate myself in smaller bits of time lately. It’s a lovely skill to develop.

As Art Cameron says in one of his songs… take long walks… take longer walks (the song has much more than just this message in it). One thing I got from the song was a sense that appreciating the moment is essential to living a fuller life.

Here is a color moment: the other day, Brian and I shared slices of an orange bell pepper. I love them more than other bell peppers, they just are sweeter or something. They tend to have a shorter shelf life than the other colors, so we just dive in and enjoy them as soon as we buy them.

And the color of the pepper was so beautiful on my turquoise dishes, I had to stop a moment and take a photo. I find that this color combination just warms my heart. Pretty, isn’t it?

What do you do on busy days, to stop and smell the roses? How do you slow down and notice little things when life is crazy?

Note: Winners of my contest are chosen and prizes are getting matched up and will be photographed and announced on Monday.