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Archive for December 24th, 2008

Jigsaw Puzzle for a Christmas Diversion

Wednesday, December 24th, 2008

Puzzles and Crocheted Bags
When I was a child, one thing we always seemed to do over the few days off at Christmas, was to put together a jigsaw puzzle. At the time they cost less than a dollar (gasp) and we got a lot of time together for that small amount of change.

Annette Petavy, the skillful and artful French crochet designer I’ve mentioned here before, has a new pattern for crocheted bags using sockyarn. This is a very good use of sockyarn and equally a good use of crochet, if you ask me. The yarn is thin which makes a flexible fabric, but the nylon in sockyarn makes it very strong and resistant to wear. Crochet makes a more sturdy and thicker fabric than knitting using the same yarn. It’s great for bags and rugs because of this (with no need to felt to make it less stretchy).

Annette’s Christmas blog post is much fun. She has a photo of one of the versions of her bag, made into a web jigsaw puzzle. It took me just over 8 minutes to put the puzzle together. I highly recommend this diversion!

Let’s face it, a web puzzle is not the same as my memory of four family members enjoying one another around one card table. However, it can be done without making a mess or taking over part of the house with a table that is out of place. It can also be done in much less time. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Thanks, Annette!

Snow and More Snow
The photo here is from last December, but it’s looking worse than snowcardec07.jpgthis shot right now in Lansing. We’ve had snow on top of snow since last Friday, though Wednesday it melted enough that we got puddles on the roads. It’s a mess here and now it’s freezing again just in time for Christmas travelers to have a rough time.

Holiday Un-Plans
As for us, we’re staying home Thursday and having a no-expectation day. We will find food in the freezer and refrigerator that look tasty and cook those things. I don’t want “tradition” to make me feel obligations that are not really necessary!

We’re not big on gift-giving, either. I am really sincere when I say that Brian is my present for any holiday. A day with him is a gift enough. A gift of a sort I never thought I’d be privileged to experience, really.

We did go out for sushi Tuesday night and then we sang at Open Mic at Dagwoods together. It was a bit of a holiday date, perhaps.

I had holiday gatherings with the knitting guild last Tuesday, then Wednesday was Habibi Dancers and Sunday was a sort of holiday reunion of the Abbott Brothers band, just a jam session and small gifts. My family gathered in early November and I thought I’d see my brother and my sister-in-love on Friday but the weather made it impossible. We’ll see them in January, now.

I expect a gathering of my kid knitters probably next week and I’ll see my godchildren this week sometime for a low key get together. I think this time of year is really about reconnecting and celebrating the relationships we have with those we love. This is all good but it really makes for crazy schedules for a few weeks.

One Mellow Day
Thursday, though, Brian and I will just be alone and relax. If the weather is OK for it, we will go for a little walk. Otherwise we will just hang out and be mellow. My real goal is to give myself a cleared desk for the new year, so perhaps I’ll start in on clearing it off. Maybe I’ll even knit.

Please Be Smart if you Travel
Whatever you do, remember that balance/sanity is a good thing in the midst of too-full calendars. Don’t drive in bad weather if it’s truly not safe. Your loved ones would best be glad to have you safe, even if they miss you at a gathering.