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Archive for December 28th, 2008

Some Selfish Fun, but not Knitting (Yet)

Sunday, December 28th, 2008

I spinningphase2.jpghelped out on the cash register at Rae’s Yarn Boutique before Christmas (because folks can’t always do their regular shifts on holiday weeks). This meant I was in the building from 10am to 5:45pm on Monday. Most of the time we were hopping-busy; I think I didn’t have quiet for over 3 hours once I opened the doors.

However, if one makes good use of short bursts of quiet time in a yarn shop, one can do some spinning in the late afterspinningphase31.jpgnoon when things calm down a little. I was a little whirlwind and spun like crazy when I could sit down at all.

I bought the soft wool roving for this 8oz batch of yarn on one Sunday, and finished up plying the yarn on the following week’s Tuesday. I still need to soak it and set the twist, but otherwise the yarn is done. It is gorgeous.

For the spinners out there, I split the wool into two 4oz sections. I spun 4oz of singles on one bobbin and then repeated on the second. I plied from two ends of a center pull ball to try and have two skeins about the same. One has 120 yardspinningphase4.jpgs, one has 108. I figured if I wanted socks, legwarmers or wristwarmers I’d be set with two nearly equal balls.

I had no plans for the yarn I was making. I was spinning purely for the joy of watching the colors pass through my fingers, and feeling the soft wool flow. Now just 10 days later I have some very wonderful yarn begging me to knit with it.

So I did a little selfish time at the wheel this week, in the midst of too much to do already. I’ll need to wait to do the knitting until January. But then the question remains, what dospiningphase4.jpg I knit?

The yarn would love to become a Bloom Shawl (designed by my friend, Trish Bloom). Unfortunately, I just do not have enough yarn to make one. The next choice was to check yardage requirements for a my own Perfect Hug design. The smallest size, which looks best on me, is a capelet which requires 320 yards. I have about 328 yards. Close, but I can make it work. Score!

So sometime in 2009, I think I’ll have a mostly-turquoise handspun Perfect Hug Capelet. I’m pretty sure I’ll get a lot of wear out of it. I don’t have a turquoise shawl right now (since I accidentally cut my turquoise mohair Bloom shawl with scissors). A woman whose trademark color is turquoise (melynnhperfecthugshawl300.jpg) can always use a turquoise shawl, I’d say!

The cool thing is that the Perfect Hug Shawls take very little time to knit. That will be very satisfying.

Now, back to the 2008 to-do list.

Photos: The new handspun, and the first version I knit of the capelet-sized Perfect Hug shawl (in Debbie Bliss SoHo, a thick-thin that looks handspun).

What pure pleasures have crept into your life lately, even when there wasn’t much time?