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Archive for December 29th, 2008

Sunshine from My Sweetie

Monday, December 29th, 2008

yellowflowers.jpgBrian went on a bike ride Sunday, on a chilly and windy day. The weather was not bad enough for him to stay home.

He really misses his bicycle when the weather is bad; he has only missed one day commuting to work on the bike since spring. I’m all for it. I want to keep him a long time. Riding the bike is good for his heart and his mood (not that he’s ever really grumpy… that would be my job).

So Sunday he went out in spite of the wind, and got to the west side of town (we’re just slightly east). He came home with groceries, and yellow flowers for me.

I adore carnations. They are about the only flower I can keep inside and not feel allergic when in the same room. They last at least a week even if you ignore them, and they are not expensive. They come in a zillion colors, to boot.

This week a little sunshine indoors is a good thing. We had two days in a row where it looked like twilight even at noon. Well, Sunday I noticed some sun peeking in the window and moved my face to drink in the sunshine. I think I counted 38 seconds before it went away, but I totally appreciated that ray while it lasted!

We went from frigid (4F/ -15.5C) last Sunday, to blizzardy snow Friday and several days of snow on top of that. You could not step into the yard without snow coming up past your ankle! In places there were piles of snow as tall as my car, where they had plowed.

Then we got a record high temperature Saturday (60F/ 15.5C). It melted like crazy, lots of us had wet basements, and now the snow is mostly melted except in the piles left behind by snowplows and shoveling. This Sunday we had wind warnings with gusts, and it’s cooled off to about freezing again.

Crazy! That’s one week of weather in Lansing, Michigan… even more varied than usual.


Here you see a photo of the view from my front porch Sunday. Notice that the street signs are fully colorful but the sky is colorless in comparison. I really am going to enjoy these sunny flowers this week!