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Archive for January 7th, 2009


Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

I tend to fall in love with my tools. I have loved cars, musical instruments, palm devices, phones and laptops. It is somewhat unusual for me to use something for a long time without learning to appreciate it. And once in love, I tend to keep the beloved tool as long as it still works. I kept my 1985 VW Golf for 250,000 miles/14 years, for one example.

However, I don’t like my VISTA/Toshiba laptop, haven’t made friends with it since I got it a year and a half ago. Sometimes the mouse freezes for a full minute. The machine isn’t completely frozen during that time, as I can use the keyboard to navigate while the mouse is napping. However, the blasted mouse goes on a break many times a day and it is most infuriating.

On top of that, the keyboard is buggy. I tend to use a lot of keystrokes rather than using my mouse (I learned computers when there was no mouse available, and I am a skilled typist). Sometimes the laptop thinks when I hit CTRL that somehow I actually meant to hit CTRL-SHIFT. And so it responds to something I didn’t really say.

So just now I had 25 emails waiting for me to reply to them. And I did a mild little keystroke to deal with only the top window, the one I was working in. And it closed ALL my windows. Now I don’t know who’s waiting for me to write back to them.

Can I scream?

An Artful Chair

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

karenchair.jpgWe had Brian’s family holiday gathering last Saturday, which was held at one of his sisters’ homes. I have always loved this chair, which she painted years ago.

Such fun! Doesn’t it make you want to put a lot more color on something in your own space?

I know I tend to long for more color and more light right after the holidays. Often on December 26 I will either get out fingernail polish and “graffiti” something in my home (a thermos in 2003, a couple of cell phones, a palm device in 2005). Once I painted a few walls peach in the kitchen eating area.

The chair is inspiring me this year. What could I do??? Hmmm…

Have you ever added color to an ordinary object in your life? Have you seen a great one someone else did? Do you have an idea of doing one now?