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Archive for January 10th, 2009

Would Love Some Input

Saturday, January 10th, 2009

I am very happy about the website/knitting database called Ravelry. It is a place to learn, to look up good information about yarn, patterns, designers and the like. It is a community for those who choose to use it that way. It can be a notebook where one can keep records of items knit or in hibernation. It can be a place where one can look up other folks’ projects to see if one would like to knit the same pattern, or use the same yarn.

As a handknitting pattern designer, Ravelry has been very good for me. I get to meet people who use my patterns, promote new patterns, be inspired by what other folks are doing, stay connected with those who like my work.


When I am very lucky, I land a “featured pattern” advertisement. These air for 2 weeks at a time on the pattern page. Right now, my Topper-Down Hat pattern ad is being rotated with ads from other designers. The day I put up my Buttons and Beads Bowl pattern, I went to the Patterns page of Ravelry and saw both designs on the same web page for a while. This is because new patterns posted to Ravelry are pictured on the left side of the pattern page, most recent at the top.

I took a screengrab of the page that day. The image above shows both patterns on that page. (I cut off part of the screen so it would be clearer to see my images.)

Well, I just landed a slot for featured pattern for February 1-15. I want to show my Road-Tested Legwarmer pattern. The problem is, I have four pretty good photos of the design and I am torn about which one (I can only use one) to submit for that two-week period. I do have a gut favorite or two, but I would very much like your input. Can you tell me which one(s) you like and why?

Remember, the reason I do this is not to show off my good photos but to actually sell patterns. I don’t make a living from warm fuzzy feelings, at least not right away. So what I want to know is, if you were inclined to want to knit legwarmers, which of these photos might most inspire you to actually purchase the pattern?

Here is Option 1/View A:


Option 2/View B:


Option 3/View C:


Option 4/View A again:


So, what do you think? Which might be the most effective ad to inspire sales? I really would love to hear from you.