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Archive for January 17th, 2009

Quisp Knits!

Saturday, January 17th, 2009

Does anyone out there remember Quisp cereal from the ’70’s? Brian was entertaining himself tonight watching old commercials from that era, and started watching a bunch of cereal commercials. (Hey, Mikey!)

I remember liking Quisp cereal back when I ate such things. Well, a commercial he found for that cereal has knitting in it. It’s short and it’s funny, at least to this knitter. Never mind that it is pretty unusual to “Knit 1, Purl 2” as so many non-knitters will recite, including this commercial. Still funny.

Here it is: 1970’s Commercial for Quisp Cereal, on YouTube.com


Saturday, January 17th, 2009

We have had a lot of snow here lately. In Lansing, usually we get snow and then we get a thaw so the snow goes away. Then we get more snow. So usually it does not build up.

This year there has been more snow than usual and very little in the thaw department. Here’s my car at the grocery last Monday:


Do you see the pile of snow at left? That’s my bug, second car back. The snow was taller than the car.

Right now parking lots are shrinking, because snow is taking up space usually used for vehicles. And then last night? It was -17F (-27C) at Capitol City Airport just before 1am last night. Brrr! Right now it has warmed up to about 10F (-12C).

One big problem with temperatures this low, is that ice remains on the roads. When it is closer to the freezing point, salt on the road will melt ice. At this point, the ice is shrugging off any salt, it’s just an ice skating rink on the highways sometimes.

Last Wednesday I was on my way to dance rehearsal and had to stop for a main road. The pickup truck behind me could not stop. Fortunately, he was able to steer just enough to go around my car to the left. He slid to a halt, with his headlights in line with the center of my car (in the oncoming-traffic lane).

Fortunately for all of us, nobody was coming toward us and nobody got hurt. I’m sure the pickup driver had a serious adrenaline rush right about then! Whew! I sure don’t need to give up my car to a body shop right about now, and I don’t have enough savings to buy a new one. My car hit 137,000 miles and 11 years this week. She’s in spectacular shape, both in looks and repair, but I’m pretty sure the blue book doesn’t think much of her value.

So today we are supposed to get snow. They say 3-5 inches. Around here, 3 inches is sort of normal but 5 inches slows down the world. I am hoping for the low end. Seems lately they predict the worst and we get the best, so it’s possible. Right now it’s almost noon and no snow is falling.

It seems all we talk about is weather these days. Well, weather and wool knitting. I’m slowly working on that pair of socks, they don’t look much different than the last photo. I had a mitten knit except for a thumb so I finished it last night and will send it to Yarn Garden in Charlotte for a sample. We’re doing a mitten one-day party on President’s day, so a sample will help people picture our project of the day.

And with that I’m off to Rae’s to take inventory and teach toe-up socks. This is week 3 of a 3-week class. Here’s what the table looked like at the end of class last week: