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Archive for January 20th, 2009

A Design Challenge

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

I’ve known my friend Jo since 1st grade. It’s really great that we still see one another a few times a year.

Jo is truly, totally allergic to wool. I love her and I wanted to knit for her. Except I am such a wool-focused (well, animal-fiber anyway) knitter that I was really stumped. What made it even more of a challenge is that I needed to knit with yarn I already had in the house.

I had some Cotton Classic (worsted weight mercerized/shiny cotton) in many bright colors. I’ve been using it for baby hats, mostly, over the years. Baby hats don’t take much yarn, and I had lots of this yarn which I must have bought from an internet friend if I remember right.

jopurse50.jpgSo I gave it a good old college try. Jo likes purses. She would just as soon collect them like Ms. Marcos collected shoes, I am guessing. I figured that even a so-so purse would make her smile, though I wanted a better than so-so purse.

I made this summery shoulder bag from two colors of the cotton. I made two handles and twisted them together to make it more visually interesting, and for a stronger strap.

Luckily for me, Jo said she liked it. I am inclined to believe her, I know she likes the colors and she likes that I made her something. I hope she actually finds something to do with it in her life.

I sure wish I could knit her some nice wool socks… but she would really be in pain to touch them more than a few seconds. That sort of gift would be all about me, not about her.

I keep trying. One year I knit her socks from Cascade Fixation. It’s pretty good but not as comfy as wool. I guess I can keep trying.

Meanwhile, we’re still friends. That was the ’60s when we met. I love that we’ve stayed in touch that long!