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Archive for January 22nd, 2009

More Tuesday Photos

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

Tuesday Adventures

I showed you the crayon shots from my tea date with Rita/Yarnhollow Tuesday, but I’m not done with photos. Rita and I went to City Knitting and it was so fun I didn’t take any photos. It was a social and yarn-petting ritaatmariessm.jpgadventure which distracted me from my camera.

Scored a Prize

I did pick up a Piecework magazine, which is a gem. I love their focus on historical textiles, and their breadth of topics. You can open the pages and find embroidery, beadwork, crochet, knitting, and no doubt things I can’t think of right now. It is a spectacular, high-quality publication.

The one I just picked up has an article on the animal- and person-shaped purses called monederos, knit in the Andes by Quechua people. The Bolivian ones are a bit different than those from Peru, and older ones are different than newer ones, but they are all wonderful. Piecework had Ann Budd replicate some of the details from the people-shaped purses and write patterns. The tiny hat, hand, skirt and leg patterns are free as PDFs on their website. Thank you, Piecework!!!

As you know, I have a strong interest in the hats which come from the same area/cultural group. I am delighted to find an article on this topic. There is also a very good book on the purses called Andean Folk Knits: Great Designs from Peru, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador & Bolivia by Marcia Lewandowski, which I own. It’s harder to find information on the hats I love, but the purses definitely deserve the attention they are getting.

Lunch with Rita

Rita and I took suggestions at the shop for a place to lunch. We ended up at Marie Catrib’s (warning, the website takes a long time to load and then plays music). The restaurant has a lovely vibe, with food that feels on the quality-level of Zingerman’s (a spectacular deli in Ann Arbor) but with the addition of a mideastern set of offerings. It was a great choice. They offered good tea choices (not to take for granted), and a lot of great-sounding/looking foods.


I was able to order a salad, one ingredient at a time for my allergy restrictions, for which I was grateful. I also had some wonderful “unseasoned potatoes” cooked in olive oil and a little salt. Rita had schwarma and seasoned potatoes, and was kind enough to take some home to her husband. Poor Brian did not have the same luck!

I’m showing a photo of Rita which was not her favorite. I like this one which is not a smiley one, because it shows her looking thoughtful and listening well, which are things I really like about her.

Then I show a photo of the table full of beautiful food, a turquoise teapot (!) and yellow-green teacup. This is artful stuff, friends. Not just the flavor of the food, but the color, presentation and vessels all combined to an artful and pleasant lunch experience. Art can be found anywhere!

Evening Party

After I got home I changed into red white and blue formalwear (including a white baby alpaca shawl knit for me by the wonderful Alison Hyde). Brian and I, as The Fabulous Heftones, participated in a block party on the 2000 block of East Michigan Avenue (across the street from Rae’s shop) which was hosted by four businesses on that side of the block. We sang at the Gone Wired Cafe’ and Everybody Reads bookstore, at a combination Food Bank Benefit/Inauguration Party.

We sang in the area where folks waited in line to get wristbands to enter the event. We got great feedback from folks listening in line… and we saw a lot of friends. There were SO many people I definitely will miss someone, but among the knitters we saw were Julie, Rita and Irene B.

We got a wonderful thank you letter from the organizers of the event. They raised almost $5,000 for the Lansing-Area food bank that night. I loved being part of this for many reasons, but one of them is that the first time I ever heard Brian perform was at a Food Bank benefit around 1989, down by the Riverwalk Theatre in one of the smaller museums down in that stretch. How cool to join him for a bit of a repeat!

I got a zillion photos of the Gone Wired space during the party. This space used to be a retail store with a mezzanine and I climbed up there to take some photos. Doesn’t it look gala and fun? I just LOVE the East side. Thank you, Colleen of Gone Wired, for asking us to play. (We love Colleen… and her daughter C is one of my youthful knitters… it’s all in the family on the 2000 block.)



We sang relatively early, and were done about 7:15. That meant we had time to go home, change into more casual garb, and go to Dagwood’s Tavern for the Open Mic night hosted by friend Jen Sygit. Love that place, love the people who work there, love the musician comaraderie, the variety of musical styles, everything.

I was so exhausted, we came home a little early from Dagwoods and I pretty much crashed on the couch till 4am or something… what a spectacular day I had!