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Archive for January 30th, 2009

Creative Kid Knitter

Friday, January 30th, 2009

kidwithhorsesweater.jpgAbout a week ago, a young knitter came in to Rae’s shop with her mom and they hung out a while. I was delighted to see the child’s creative project. She figured out how to make a sweater/coat for her stuffed horse.

I asked the child and Mom if I could take a photo for my blog. They decided that might be fun! They know my regular kid knitters and perhaps they have seen photos of the other kids here before.

So I present to you a very creative kid, who made up her own project without a pattern! She’s a winner in my book.

Crayons and More

Friday, January 30th, 2009

A few nights ago I crayon1sm.jpgsat down with crayons again, this time alone. I remembered that there was something especially soothing about the motion of rubbing a crayon back and forth to color something in. So I opened my 64 crayon box and drew a triangle, and rubbed to fill it in. Then I got out another color, drew 2 sides to add a triangle to the side of the first, and filled that one in.

I continued in this way until the paper was mostly filled in. I notice that many of the colors have new names on them, and some are totally new colors. A lot of the new colors are really light and transparent. They look really good in the box but I am not sure I’m sold on them as drawing tools. Not that they asked me, or anything.

I ended up with this first image (see above).

It was very fun to make but I did not like how light so many colors were. There was not enough “oomph” in this image crayon2.jpgfor someone who goes by ColorJoy LynnH.

So I started thinking of what I could do to make it more fun and more bold. I remembered my friend Barbara Hranilovich talking of how she “draws on her paintings and paints on her drawings.” I love that idea, and I adore her artistic style. So I pondered…

I considered taking a very dark-colored crayon and tracing around the sides. I considered a marker. I might have played with a silver paint marker but I had tried mine the day before and it had dried out.

Then I was up in the attic space that used to be my block printing/mailart studio, looking for a rubber stamp or three to make a get well card. And I saw some fabric paint. I love fabric paint, it is like rubber and it sticks to plastics and all sorts of things that other paints can not handle. I took some downstairs.

The next thing I knew, I had used pearlescent turquoise/aqua and shiny red fabric paint to embellish the crayon image. I like it a lot better now. Here is the result. It still is about enjoying the making of lines (and dots, and triangles) more than making a beautiful image, but it makes me smile.