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Archive for February 7th, 2009

Happy Birthday, Rae!

Saturday, February 7th, 2009

My friend, sometimes-boss and sometimes-muse, Rae, turns 26 today. She’s so wise in so many ways, so level-headed about business things… she looks her age or less, but acts and thinks often like she has lived many more years.

I’m loud and outgoing, and the louder I get the more Rae just lets me go… Often people come in her shop and assume I’m the owner because of my age and my apparent confidence. I make sure to introduce her as “this is my boss, Rae.”


I will spend the (very long) day today with Rae, her beau, and her aunt, at a knitting/spinning/fiber gathering, called Knit Michigan. I am looking forward to it. We will be tired, but friendship, caffeine and adrenaline will get us through nicely.

I am so grateful for Rae’s friendship. I resisted meeting her at first, I was so busy with other work.

Sarah Peasley told me many times that I should get over to Rae’s shop and meet her at least, even if I didn’t have time to teach for her. I am grateful that Sarah was persistent.

I started by plugging in classes at Rae’s in slots that no other shop wanted from me. Now her shop is my home base, it’s where I work most often. (It is also bicycle distance, 3 miles, from my house.)

Lucky for me, this area is wonderful about sharing instructors. I work other places as well, and we all get along (this attitude is highly unusual in most areas, but it allows me to keep teaching knitting as my “day job”).

Friday night, Brian and I had a nice dinner with Rae and her sweetie. We walked down to Emil’s Italian Restaurant , about 4 doors down from Rae’s shop. It was good fun, on my very favorite block in my city.

Here is a photo Brian took of me sitting next to Rae at Dagwood’s Open Mic night sometime last year.

Happy Birthday, Rae!!!